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Want to support and decide what publishes? Here’s your chance! Over the past three years, has published 100s of original articles. These articles bring thousands of people to daily, but digging up historic facts and ensuring accuracy can be time consuming. We are looking for supporters and sponsors of future articles. The cost is $200 per article. This allows you to sponsor a future article that is in the works, or even help pick the topic. If you manage a business this is a great way to promote it as businesses sponsors get a banner (provided by sponsor) at the end of the article. Non-business sponsors will be mentioned at the end of the article. For example, “This articles was made possible by … ”

Interested? Contact Below is a sample of current ongoing series that you can sponsor. You can also sponsor past articles as they still get TON of traffic because they are found in Google and other search engines.

New Bedford’s Forgotten History …

New Bedford streets; A Piece of Americana

Who Remembers …

Historical Personages of New Bedford

Off the Beaten Path

New Bedford Architecture

Whaling Terms For Landlubbers

Of Owner-Agents, Masters, and Salty Dogs

Those/That Old …

General History

Local Travel

Things to Do This Weekend

What do Sponsors Get?

Sponsors get a large leader board-style banner at the end of the article they sponsor. Example can be seen above. The article is titled, “Eight Date Ideas in New Bedford for Valentine’s Day.” The sponsor is The Hampton Inn with their Valentine’s Day specials. When clicked, the banner leads to Hampton Inn’s website specials where customers can get more information and order the service.

There are two ways for businesses to sponsor articles. First, a business can sponsor existing articles on our website, which still generate traffic. Second, business can work with us on current article ideas and sponsor upcoming articles that are relevant to them. For example, we do weekly and monthly series that businesses could sponsor, or we could come up with a relevant article.


  • You will be inexpensively targeting relevant customers.
  • All articles show up well in Google and other search engines.
  • All articles are promoted on our Facebook website (reaches 90k people) and other social media/bookmark sites.
  • You will be sponsoring a small local business and local writers, promoting and furthering your brand.
Want to sponsor a current or future article? Contact us at Article sponsorship costs $200 per article. Banners must be provided or developed by us at an addition cost.

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