Whaling City Yard Sale Rules and Tips


Whaling City Yard Sale (https://www.facebook.com/groups/WhalingCityYardSale/) is a great place for people in the South Coast, Massachusetts area to buy and sell items. Here are some general rules for group members to follow. Failure to follow these rules may result in you being removed from the group:

  • This is a “buyer beware” group. If you have a problem with an item contact the seller not us.
  • No livestock or pets for sale or to be given away.
  • Nothing illegal to own or sell may be listed in the group. That means knock-off clothing, illegal DVDs/games, etc.
  • The group is for the selling of tangible items that you would see in a yard sale. That means no spamming services, fund raisers, etc. No posting of other groups, pages or websites. If you are a business selling second-hand items contact us at info@newbedfordguide.com so we can come up with a plan to get your items posted without being spammy.
  • Haggling is acceptable. Posting a price, “Or Best Offer” and negotiating with other members is acceptable. Auctions are not allowed.
  • If your item sells, please edit your item and put **SOLD** in the description.
  • When posting items, post a photo or photos for the best results. Describe the item(s) as much as possible and the town/city it is located.
  • Have multiple items? Post a photo gallery and add details to each photo. If you have 10 items for sale don’t make ten posts.
  • No postings for services offered.
  • Bumping is acceptable once a week.
  • Facebook provides a report feature. If you see spam or inappropriate items use the report feature and we will get notified and take appropriate action.
  • To gain more exposure outside of Facebook also post your items on New Bedford Guide’s Marketplace: http://www.newbedfordguide.com/classifieds/
  • Do not keep posting your items every day. Post it once. Pushing items that no one wants over and over degrades the group.
  • All rules are subject to change. Have a suggestion for a rule or a great tip? Send it to info@newbedfordguide.com.
  • Yard sales are allowed. Please do not post more than twice. It’s fine to announce the yard sale before hand and then bump or repost the day before or the day off the yard sale.


  1. I posted something yesterday and got two likes. What if I want to lower the price? Should I post it again with lower price? Thank You.

  2. How do you post wanted items?

  3. Please explain what “bump” or “bumping”means…… thank you

  4. How do I bump my items?

  5. I tryed to posted some items, however, it would not let me post, can you help? Thank you

  6. Peter J. Chongarlides, Sr.

    This is the second (2nd) time I have posted this question,! How do I re- post items that have been archived ?

  7. I have a house full of things, bureaus, platform bed (full) just the frame (35.00) a Chinese chest (40.00) and lots of other stuff nothing else over 10.00….must come to my house to see! Sofa 10.00, loveseat 5.00 everything is in very good condition. Will be having an indoor YARD SALE on Saturday….August 19……please call ahead!!

  8. Posted stuff today, can not load page

  9. Patricia Wynn Norman

    I have a lot of barely used, useful household, auto and horse (yes, horse 🐎!) stuff that I have to move/sell because I live at the New Bedford hotel and they want us residents to de-clutter.

    How do I let people examine stuff I post if there are restrictions on people entering the building (and I am assuming I can’t use sidewalk or parking lot)?

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