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Yum Nuer -Spicy Thai Beef Salad!

The 10 Best Dishes on Earth and Where to Get Them Locally (Part 2)


Welcome to part 2 of ‘The 10 Best Dishes on Earth and Where to Get Them Locally.’ Check out the first five in part one, to get yourself salivating. Of course, I need to drop the same disclaimer that I did in part one. Picking ten is liking picking a favorite child or children. I only stop at ten for practical reasons, but I’ll find a clever way to discuss more dishes in the future. Also, I could not place them in a particular order and these are completely random. These are the best dishes in my opinion. So for those foodies with strong opinions, don’t kill me. Share yours and tell us why its better than the ones on my list!

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  1. Try the fresh rolls at Spicy Lime in downtown New Bedford. They are awesome!

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