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POLICY UPDATE: New Bedford Guide gets dozens of requests each month to promote fundraisers on some funding website. We get messages asking us to share links from sites like for various reasons.

While we’d love to promote every charity fundraiser, we really don’t have time to verify these requests. If we are going to ask our readers and Facebook fans to go to a website and donate money, we must make sure the funding site is legit and that the money actually goes to the cause. The main issue is ANYONE can set up a funding project on a dozen different websites and we have no way of verifying the money actually goes to the cause. These websites take a percentage of the funds and don’t vet the projects. The world is full of scammers and we don’t feel comfortable sending people to donate to causes that are unverified. Our policy is to not share funding websites UNLESS it is easy for us to verify the cause.

Also, if we post one fundraiser we are expected to post all fundraisers and NBG would be come nothing but fundraising posts. We can’t say yes to one and no to the other.

We will continue to share fundraising events held at local establishments. These are easier to verify as people actually show up to the event and can make their own judgement before donating money. If you have any questions please e-mail

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