1. Andrew Pollock

    I would like to advertise my farm’s CSA program (consumer supported agriculture) for this summer. Any ideas would be helpful.

  2. I was in the Azores years ago working. I was on the island of Terceira not sure what town. I was working the Festival they have on the docks in August. Anyway, I was having lunch in a restaurant in town and they had a condiment in a small bowl on the table. The waitress said it was piri piri sauce and it was good on my steak. Tried it and loved it. Do you have a recipe for this condiment? I have found other recipes on line but they are not the same. Please, please HELP.

    Thank you so much,

    Bill Larmour

  3. Hi Bill! Do you live in the area? If so, Piri-Piri can be found in any supermarket. There are 2 versions of Piri-Piri…there is the sauce that a dish can be cooked in and, as you mentioned, the condiment. Both can be found in the supermarket.

    A number of Portuguese Cafes/Bakeries also carry it. I know that Holiday on Acushnet Avenue has it. You could always ask for recipes on the Facebook timeline as it is a busy forum and surely you’ll get a few homemade recipes!


  4. I have an immediate job opening for an experienced automotive technician that I would like to share. We are a family owned and operated repair shop and used car dealer with over 20 years of experience. Must have own tools and current drivers license with 2 years experience preferred. Salary and benefits are negotiable. Please call us today 508.997.2377.

  5. My name is shana and I am interested in volunteering at the local animal shelters to help find homes for the animals . I am not sure who to talk to if someone can contact me I will be more than happy to help in anyway I can thank you.

  6. I would like to try and help Chloe with the bone marrow she needs

  7. I would like to help Chloe with the bone marrow she needs if I am a match

  8. I would like yo get information to promote a local security company

  9. Always a pleasure to read your great articles about my hometown, Keep up the good work.

  10. My bluegrass band has several original songs which I hear you are looking for. Please contact me for further info.

  11. I have searched and searched and have found no reference or anyone who knows who Clark’s Cove and Clark’s Point are named for. Does anyone know the origin. I do know it was used before the Revolutionary War. No landowner had the name Clark, it wasn’t anyone in Gosnold’s crew, it was not named after any point or cove in England. It seems to be something that has been lost to history.

  12. Hi Jon! You are correct, Clark’s Cove/Point have been named thus since before the Revolutionary War when it was comprised of farmsteads. As was the case with many villages, necks, points and other land features the first families to settle would dub the territory. This seems to be the case.

    As you probably know, all of Clark’s Point was owned by Benjamin Allen – however, he was primarily a proprietor. Many proprietors owned massive tracts of land and would piecemeal them out.

    So while Allen, two generations of Russells, the Kemptons, Willis’, Peckhams and Hathaways all took turns owning Clark’s Point, many families actually steaded there – including the Clarks – which gave the area its name.

    The first Clarks in the New World arrived aboard the Ann in 1623 with Londoner Thomas Clark as the vanguard. He married twice, having 5 children in total.

    Subsequent generations of Clarks intermarried with many families, including the Swifts, Tripps, Chases and Cushmans and by the 1690s they were living in Rochester and Mattapoisett. By the early 18th century the Clarks were living in Middleboro, Fairhaven and New Bedford. In fact there is mention of an Indian trail that was called Clark’s Neck Road, here in New Bedford, in 1717. It goes that far back and shows you how old the Clark Family is – they were the regions first settlers.

    Incidentally, In 1763 there was a Ensign James Clark who was a soldier in the Fifth Company of Dartmouth – an early militia. In fact, a few Clarks with many children show up on the 1790 Census.

    The Clark families names can be still found in New Bedford – there are many Clarks here and their legacy also remains in the street named after the family as well – which I coincidentally grew up on.

  13. How does an ad get posted to your website along with to FB?

    Thank you

  14. Hi Joe,

    First of all, I just wanted to complement you on what a fantastic job you/your crew do on NB Guide. It’s really become our source for local news. We always joke that no one would get the Standard Times anymore if NB Guide had obits.

    Anyway, I know you folks keep your ears to the ground for all things New Bedford. You may already be aware of this, but the link below talks about a hacker from New Bedford. It’s nothing to brag about, but it’s still part of our area. If nothing else, if you decide not to use on NB Guide, it might be interesting to you…


    Best regards,
    Dale Sopel

  15. Hey Joe,

    I didn’t realize that any of this might be posted on the site. My intention was not to have it on the site, but only to give you a “heads up”


  16. Please let the public know about a wonderful Valentine event, “One Enchanted Evening” happening at Whites of Westport this Sat. from 8-12. Talented performers and dancing. Featuring New Bedford’s own (grammy award winning) Tavares. Best of all – All proceeds benefit the children at the House of Music New Bedford. 501(c)3 nonprofit serving children and families in New Bedford. Find Poster and more info on our facebook page houseofmusicnewbedford. Thank you.

  17. Hello! just needed to know the schedule for Sunset Yoga @Fort Tabor. It says 2012, not sure if it is still the same in 2015. TY

  18. How does someone go about booking entertainment on the Pier

  19. Hi,
    I have been trying to use the Whaling City Yard Sale site but cannot access it.
    Can you please email me. Thanks Patti

  20. You’re running an ad for Mikey Bs. Their website has been down since last Tuesday.

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