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Elizabeth Warren posts 115 times to Facebook in 2017; 101 about Trump – none about heroin


As of this writing, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has made 115 posts to Facebook in 2017; 101 of them directed at Donald Trump (or one of his nominees), but not a single one dedicated to the heroin epidemic ravaging Massachusetts. 

In Massachusetts we have real issues to deal with; a heroin epidemic, increasing homelessness, high property taxes, legislators getting 50% pay raises and a host of other issues. If you live in New Bedford, heroin, panhandlers, crime, high property taxes, low wages and a decaying fishing industry are real concerns; not Trump. You might hate what he says on Twitter, but he’s not keeping bread off your table or getting your teenager hooked on heroin. 

New Bedford saw a 75% increase in heroin overdoses in 2016, yet Trump seems to be the only thing Massachusetts politicians are focusing on. Last week, New Bedford saw 10 overdoses over a 3 day period5 on Sunday alone, yet the only thing politicians locally were talking about was how two UMass Dartmouth professors had a 3-hour delay at Logan Airport because of Trump’s ban on immigration from seven countries. Can we start having press conferences every time we have 5 overdoses in a 12-hour period?

Head over to MA Attorney General Maura Healey’s Facebook page or our other U.S. Senator Ed Markey’s page and you’ll also see way too much time dedicated to Trump. There is no wonder Massachusetts has twice the overdose deaths as the national average; we have politicians that care more about stopping President Trump (or running against him in 2020) than stopping the heroin crisis ravaging our state.

In a few short years, overdose deaths in America will kill more people than cars and guns combined. That’s a real issue facing all Americans. In Massachusetts, particularly places like New Bedford, the problem is twice as bad and accelerating.

Senator Warren needs to stop running for President. It’s 2017, not 2020. The heroin problem is growing out of control and we need our elected leaders to focus on what really matters. Stand up to President Trump when he does something you feel is wrong, but remember your job is to care for the people of Massachusetts, and as a community we are in trouble. 

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  1. Did you mean 2016 or this year, 2017?

  2. What are the state and local governments doing about this? Why is it the responsibiity of the Feds to get involved. Granted Warren might be able to get funding for MA to help in dealing with this issue and has probably done so. Just because she hasn’t posted it to FB doesn’t mean it hasn’t been addressed. The immediate issue at hand now, just as it was in 2016, is drumpf as president.

  3. It’s about time for loyal Americans to actually get behind our elected President instead of ignoring our
    Pressing issues. If Trump lost, these same protestors
    Would be up in arms if anyone dared to question
    Anythind said by a Democratic president.
    What happened to “Let’s give the new Administration a chance to succeed ”
    Our enemies around the world are eating this up.
    Try being an American first. You could always
    Leave if you dislike our Government/Policies
    That much. I would gladly help you pack.

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