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Why I Love New Bedford

Russell is one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve met in my 22 years in New Bedford. He works long, strenuous hours with his hands from Monday through Friday on Martha’s Vineyard. He gets up before the sun rises, and travels home to New Bedford long after dusk …

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New Bedford crime – perception versus reality

There’s an annoying constant that you’ll find locally on social media; anytime someone reports crime on Facebook, someone will mock it with “crime is down” in the comment section. This mockery is in reference to FBI statistics reporting that overall crime in New Bedford is down 31% from 2014-2016. The …

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The Love We Seek by Andre Morell

Love seeks but itself in another But what is love? Tis not so easily found Or forged with ease Truthfully, it is without sense or logic It is the comfort of a word The understanding in a nod The warmth in a touch Ears with which to listen And shoulders …

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“Welcome to my city…”

Welcome to my city, where girls are are called names before pretty. Where we can write raps, and give dap but not show up to support even a kids concert just to clap. Where guys go out at night to betray her, and my friends taught me it’s Mikey’s city …

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