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It’s time for New Bedford to learn the difference between snitching and reporting crime

One of the biggest contributors of crime in New Bedford is the ‘no snitching’ attitude that dominates the high crime areas of the city. Look I get it; if you are in a gang or the mob, and one of your crew gets arrested and sings like a songbird for a lesser sentence, he/she is a snitch. Breaking the law …

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Should 18-year old Eddy Fonseca be charged as a juvenile?

In late February, 18-year-old Eddy Fonseca attended a high school party in Raynham where police say he was robbing a juvenile when he stabbed 19-year old Tyler Pascarelli for trying to intervene. Police report Eddy violently gashed Tyler’s throat before escaping in a Honda Civic with friends. If Massachusetts legislators get their way, 18-year olds like Eddy Fonseca will get …

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OPINION: Empowerment Zone Misdirection; Navigating Around Ballot Question #2

By Bruce Ditata Apparently, the charter school wonks remain undaunted by voters’ landslide rebuke of Ballot Question 2 and the attempt to lift the cap on charter schools because they have resorted to a version of a Tom Brady “trick play” known as the flea flicker. Those still aspiring to the dream of privatizing public education, while avoiding the long …

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Why isn’t Massachusetts taking Fentanyl more seriously?

Massachusetts has twice the drug overdoses than the national average. A new report states that Fentanyl is now responsible for 75% of the overdose deaths in Massachusetts. In a state where we ban assault riffles because of their firepower, why is Fentanyl treated as a less dangerous drug than heroin? According to the New Bedford police department, heroin is considered a class …

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Elizabeth Warren posts 115 times to Facebook in 2017; 101 about Trump – none about heroin

As of this writing, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has made 115 posts to Facebook in 2017; 101 of them directed at Donald Trump (or one of his nominees), but not a single one dedicated to the heroin epidemic ravaging Massachusetts.  In Massachusetts we have real issues to deal with; a heroin epidemic, increasing homelessness, high property taxes, legislators getting 50% pay …

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Putting Trump’s temporary travel ban in perspective

The hot topic of the week is President Trump’s travel ban stopping citizens from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan from entering the United States for 90 days. Large protests are popping up around the United States and world leaders are outraged. The mainstream media is whipping people up into a frenzy, but really not reporting the entire story …

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Your Input, Our Outcome. My View. My New Bedford

Photo by “Photo Impressions By Victor” By Nicole Nelson There’s this thing that happens when you talk to people from the SouthCoast or New England who are not from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Usually it’s a smile and a quick compliment about the city like “Oh, I love the Whaling Museum”, or “I drove by there on my way to the …

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Legislators vote themselves pay raise while state cuts opioid abuse, HIV treatment, and elder care funds

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker proposed cutting $16.5 million for opioid abuse relief, HIV treatment, and elder care just a month before Massachusetts legislators voted for a $18 million pay raise. Senior legislators will be receiving a $45,000 a year pay raise, roughly twice the annual income of a New Bedford resident. The full legislation can be read here.  To be fair, …

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Protesting a Sheriff that ran unopposed

Last week the Coalition for Social Justice and other organizations held a rally at the Ash Street Jail to protest Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson’s plan to charge inmates $5 per day and to offer up volunteer inmates to build Trump’s wall. It was a good turnout for the organizers, but what exactly did they accomplish? We covered the rally live and you …

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Are donation machines the key to ending panhandling in New Bedford?

Take a ride through New Bedford and chances are you’ll pass a few panhandlers with signs asking for money. They seem to be standing on every busy intersection in the city. The most lucrative spots even cause turf wars with panhandlers assaulting each other, sometimes with a weapon. The number of panhandlers in New Bedford have grown in number because …

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