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Yes, you can overdose on marijuana

Yes, you can. This is a fact. Before you get triggered, this is not so simple and is far more nuanced. I know that many people who smoke marijuana are self-professed experts in oncology, anatomy, chemistry, quantum physics, biology, et al as well as all, any and every medical cure …

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OPINION: How about we ban banning?

There has never been a time in America – for as long as I can remember – when there have been more calls or demands for placing a ban on someone or something. Some people feel so powerfully about the object or person that they don’t even want anyone else …

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OPINION: Don’t feed the birds!

Ever noticed the signs stating “Don’t feed the birds.”? I’ve seen people literally sitting or standing at in front of the sign while feeding birds. Is it because in this day and age we are so saturated with information that we have a sort of “attention fatigue”? Or is it …

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VIDEO: New Bedford Superflat artist panel discussion

Here’s the artist panel discussion this past weekend that introduced us to some of the artists involved in the mural development set up by Superflat – in collaboration with the Co-Creative Center to create murals for Wings court in downtown New Bedford. Artists from around the world include Janette Beckman, …

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