Joe Silvia

When Joe isn't writing, he's coaching people to punch each other in the face. He enjoys ancient cultures, dead and living languages, cooking, benching 999#s, and saving the elderly, babies and puppies from burning buildings. While he enjoys long walks on the beach, he will not be your alarm clock, because he's no ding-a-ling.

Six rarely ordered items to try at an Italian restaurant

In the first article of this series, we talked about Chinese cuisine. In this one, we’ll talk about perhaps the most popular cuisine on earth: Italian. Unless you grew up in an Italian or Sicilian household a typical American’s experience of those cuisines rarely goes past things like pizza, lasagna, …

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Six creative ideas to deal with potholes

To say that Massachusetts roads have potholes is akin to saying “Water is wet.” It is a part of everyday life in the Commonwealth and we have all mastered the art of adeptly maneuvering around them … or having a tire blown, axle snapped, or alignment ruined. We complain about …

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Who the heck is Martha?

While America isn’t as old as most of the world’s nations, we’ve been steaming along for just shy of two and a half centuries now. Long enough to describe many places as “old” and certainly long enough that we’ve forgotten the who, what and why of place names. I can’t …

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