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From instilling good habits in puppies to correcting bad behaviors Eric Letendre’s Dog Training School offers effective, fast solutions


Are you a dog owner that wants to learn more about training your best friend’s behavior? Maybe you have a new puppy in the house and want to not only start him as young as possible when it comes to house-training but are interested in how to form a bond or imprint with him or her. Perhaps, you want to understand where a recent bad habit or aggression is stemming from?

Who do you go to for something like this? Is there someone local? Someone professional, knowledgeable, and affordable?

Eric Letendre, owner of Eric Letendre’s Dog Training School has worked professionally with dogs and their owners for nearly 35 years, encountered nearly every issue, and produces fast results. He offers group dog and puppy training classes and private, one-on-one in-home dog training lessons and together with his wife, Rachael, and two dog trainers Claire Pelletier and Alexandria Mauck, they bring world-class dog training to the South Coast, and even beyond.

On any given day they see 6-7 different dogs and owners from New Bedford to Swansea to Fairhaven. From something as simple as a 10-week old puppy learning basic manners and obedience or a middle-aged dog with a barking problem, to more serious matters like a shelter dog with separation anxiety issues or a dog that lunges at guests.

Often, they are called in as a last resort for a dog that is just days or even hours away from being brought to a shelter because the issue is so severe. And, yes – they resolve the issue, saving the dog’s future and alleviating considerable stress for the owners. With confidence, Eric says that there is no one who can solve a reactive or aggressive dog’s behavior better. And his clients’ testimonials can vouch for this declaration.

He feels that the secret to dog training boils down to teaching dogs two important words: “yes” and “no.” Dogs must understand what behaviors they can do, e.g. come, stay, down, etc. and which are not tolerated like jumping on people, digging where they aren’t supposed to, or eating food off counters.

“A very common behavior problem is leash reactivity. Many dog owners have a difficult time controlling their dogs on a leash. I show them how to quickly and easily bring the dog’s behavior under control and you can see the relief come over the person’s face. They can now feel comfortable taking their dogs out in public.” says Eric.

Eric’s love affair with dogs while utilizing behavioral change and training began as a Security K9 Handler in Hartford, CT in 1988. He absolutely was thrilled with the job and interaction, so much so that he enrolled in the Professional Dog Trainers Course at Connecticut K9 in Newington, CT.

Once amidst classes, he found the entire topic so fascinating that he decided to make a career out of it and in the summer of 1995 he officially started his own business in Fall River where he also served as an Animal Control Officer. Eventually relocating to Westport, he opened American Canine of Westport (now under different ownership), before starting his current business where he has been for the past two years.

Through the entire process, he realized that he also enjoyed working directly with the dog owners – something he recognized wasn’t particularly the case in the dog training industry. Many trainers he encountered disliked working with people – in his case, he loved doing both.

Eric has worked for or provided training for every shelter in the area including Humane Society & Shelter SouthCoast in Dartmouth, Placing Paws, Forever Paws, and was the head trainer at Potters League for Animals for three years.

In addition, he is an author of four dog training books, all of which are available on Amazon. His newest book “The Deadly Training Myth” can also be found there, but even better you can follow his Facebook Page and find out where he may be locally doing a book signing!

Eric is so good at what he does, that his YouTube videos have over 12 million views. His entire day is filled with what he loves: dogs. When he’s not working directly with dog’s and clients, he is writing about them, playing with his own, even sharing his knowledge and experience at special locations, like Diamond in the RUFF in Acushnet on Monday nights and Saturday mornings. For him, it’s a dream profession, and one he delights in.

When asked about the training sessions he offers he explained: “We provide a combination of private and group training sessions to get the best results. We get fast results and don’t waste any time. Most of our 100 five-star Google reviews tell how we solved the dog’s problem in just one session. We use the most up to date, science-based training techniques so we can provide dog owners with fast results and help with especially difficult dogs.”

Those results speak for themselves.

Whether you are simply looking out to start your puppy on the right behavioral path or dealing with minor or major issues with your best friend, or in extreme cases at the end of your rope and in the unenviable position where you may not be able to keep your dog because of these bad behavior Eric Letendre’s Dog Training School will be able to assist you.

If you are at the point where you are ready to give up and bring your dog to a shelter or rescue center, don’t. Eric and his staff will shock you with the effectiveness of their program and with how fast they can turn a dog around. They have done it time and time again.

If you need any more incentive, Eric offers a first-time, no-obligation, FREE consultation. Get this: he will drive to you, wherever you are and have that discussion. After that discussion, you can decide whether or not to hire him. However, I’m sure you will be thoroughly amazed at his breadth of knowledge and passion and thrilled about what he can do for you.

Eric Letendre’s Dog Training School recently won SouthCoast Today’s “Best of the Best” Dog Trainer on the South Coast and to thank the area they are having a Customer Appreciation Party on Friday, September 27th from 4:00pm-7:00pm. The event is for not just dog owners, but all dog lovers. There will be a raffle to benefit the Fairhaven Animal Shelter, door prizes, giveaways, photo ops, contests, prizes delicious food, and lots of fun for you and your dog.



“I recommend Eric to everyone I meet. He is incredible. When we got our boxer puppy Mia we quickly became overwhelmed with incessant demand barking and biting, as well as jumping on our guests, stealing items off countertops, and chasing our cat. As promised, Mia no longer barked at us, bit, or jumped after our very first session. The following sessions helped us teach her the skills that she needed to become a well rounded and behaved dog. The fights about the dog have stopped, and there is peace and order in our home again. I feel like I have my life back! We are completely indebted to Eric and will recommend him forever. Thank you!”-Courtney C.

“I was desperate to get help for my Teacup Chihuahua, Badger, that I thought had become aggressive. He would bark, growl and snap at everyone that came anywhere near him or my truck. In looking for a trainer, I came across a U-Tube video of Eric working with a Rottweiler, and as I watched additional videos of Eric, I was thinking this looks like the guy I needed. I called and Eric’s wife Rachel was just so calming and made me feel like there was hope for Badger and myself.

Amazing is the only word that I can use to explain Eric and his skills with dogs. His individual and group training classes are very helpful and informative. Badger was immediately a changed dog the very first lesson we had, I learned he was not aggressive, but scared and it was a coping mechanism to keep people away. Badger now works as a service dog and visits nursing homes and loves attention of children. I definitely have and will continue to recommend Eric if someone needs help with their dog. I honestly carry a supply of his business cards everywhere and have had to re-stock, as I give them out so often. So if you are looking for training for your dog and YOURSELF, Eric is the man for you, any breed or size of dog. THANK YOU ERIC FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” -Carol Nguyen.

“I honestly can not say enough about Eric and how he helped us with our adorable puppy! It sounds corny, but he literally changed our lives! We are the happiest and proudest dog owners now thanks to the terrific training Eric provided. Eric has the nicest way about him and it’s so obvious how much he loves dogs and just wants you and the dog to have the best quality of life. I highly, highly recommend Eric to anyone who loves their dog but doesn’t want their dog to rule their life. Thank you Eric…you made us fall in love with our puppy all over again!” ~Kathleen Breede.

Read dozens more testimonials in the section of his website.


Eric Letendre’s Dog Training School

1180 State Road,
Westport MA
Phone: 774-319-6351

Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-8:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Facebook: facebook.com/EricLetendreDogTraining
Website: ericletendre.com/
Facebook Event Page: facebook.com/events/2114460112192307

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