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Good Bye Paul Revere

by Edward Camara Before all the residents of New Bedford go nuts and buy all the tissues in town, let’s understand a few things about the departure of the Paul Revere sign that went up in the early 1990’s at a point where Route 195E changes from 3 to 2 …

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The Legend of Destruction Brook

by Carissa Wills-DeMello Destruction Brook woods; an ancient glacially carved landscape covered by nearly 80 miles of trails, weaving through magical hardwood forests, swampy wetlands, serene vernal pools, and historic agricultural fields. It’s a place where local history and the timelessness of nature converge. One could wander through this reserve …

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Who Remembers…Howdy Beef ‘N Burger?

In a previous “Who Remembers…?” we discussed Burger Chef. A number of people had mentioned another burger joint Howdy Beef n’ Burger. Having grown right here and not recalling Howdy Beef n’ Burger, I knew it was before my time. There are a LOT of “Who Remembers…?” that I would …

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