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Massachusetts Troopers arrest two for Trafficking Cocaine


On Monday just after 9 p.m. Trooper Jason Macomber, assigned to State Police-Athol, was patrolling Route 2 in Templeton. As he was stationary in the area of Baldwinville Road he observed a black Infiniti traveling nearly 90 miles per hour where the posted speed limit is only 55 miles per hour. Trooper Macomber entered traffic and caught up to the vehicle, activated his blue lights, and stopped it just after Exit 19 in Phillipston.

Upon stopping the vehicle Trooper Macomber approached the driver’s side window and identified the operator as JEOVONNE MALDONADO, 21, of Marlborough. Trooper Timothy Desmarais then arrived on scene to assist. Both troopers conversed with the vehicle’s occupants for some time, through subsequent investigation on scene the troopers were able to identify the passenger as SANTOS MACARIO, 21, of Marlborough and determined he had an active warrant for his arrest.

MACARIO was removed from the vehicle and placed under arrest. A search of the area he was seated yielded two bags containing 52 grams of a substance believed to be crack cocaine. Troopers then conducted a full search of the vehicle which yielded 74 vials of a THC extract and nearly $1,900 of loose currency. MALDONADO was also placed under arrest and both men were then transported to State Police-Athol. They were booked and bail was set at $5,000 for MALDONADO and $1,000 for MACARIO.

Both men were able to post bail and were scheduled for their arraignment Tuesday Morning at Winchendon District Court on the following charges:


1. Trafficking in Cocaine;
2. Possession of a Class C Drug with Intent to Distribute;
3. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law; and
4. Speeding.


1. Trafficking in Cocaine;
2. Possession of a Class C Drug with Intent to Distribute; and
3. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law.


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