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OPINION: “Putin and other autocratic leaders can count on Trump to compliment them!”


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“Who said Donald Trump lacks loyalty?

It has been said, and poignantly demonstrated, that Donald Trump demands loyalty from everyone in his financial, familial and political orbits but offers no reciprocity in return. But one glaring example that rebuts this claim is Trump’s fealty, respect and willingness to assist Vladimir Putin and other villainous dictators.

No matter the dastardly murders of his opponents or critics, the silencing and punishment of peaceful protestors, or the territorial incursions into abutting nations, Putin can always count on Trump’s positive comments or utter silence.

If China invades Taiwan or North Korea sends soldiers into South Korea will Trump applaud their territorial or imperialistic aspirations?

And based on recent Trumpian threats to NATO allies of refusing assistance to any member in arrears with their financial payments there will be no military assistance from the United States.

It’s important to remember that Trump ”doesn’t like losers,” and thus far Putin, and other major autocratic leaders, can count on Trump to compliment them, remain uncritical, or more actively encourage his legislative sycophants to deny assistance to their targeted victims.

Clearly Trump is capable of unmitigated loyalty, and to those who claim otherwise, it is just more proof of what the world will look like if he regains the White House.”-Betty Ussach, Dartmouth.

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