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Top ten countries where most migrants arriving to Massachusetts come from


During the Trump administration the annual cap of refugees that could be admitted into the country was lowered to 15,000. When President Biden came into office he raised that number to 125,000. In 2021 12,500 refugees arrived to U.S. and the following year, that number doubled. In 2023, the number exploded to 60,000 and in 2024 that number has increased exponentially surpassing the previous year’s numbers only months into the new year.

This year the nations with the most refugees coming to our shores starting with the most, hailed from the Congo, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Syria, and Venezuela. Which states receieved the most refugees in 2024?

#01. Texas
#02. California
#03. New York
#04. Pennsylvania
#05. Florida

Data compiled from the Refugee Processing Center reveals the top ten nations where migrants arriving to Massachusetts, hail from.

#01. Congo
#02. Afghanistan
#03. Burundi
#04. Central African Republic
#05. Eritrea
#06. Myanmar
#07. Syria
#08. Guatemala
#09. Sudan
#10. Kazakhstan

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