New Bedford Firefighters battle early morning blaze on Jenney Street


At approximately 1:00am, New Bedford Fire Department and EMS, received reports of a structure afire at 171 Jenney Street near the Boys & Girls Club.

Upon arrival, first responders discovered a stone 2-car garage fully engulfed, a car outside the garage on fire, and two adjacant tenement buildings at risk.

Fireighters made extremely quick work of putting out the fire whose source was the garage and doused the adjacant buildings with water to cool down the surface thereby preventing those structures from catching fire.

Eyewitnesses on scene mentioned that there where families in both tenements including a number of children and that an adult woman had sustained injuries of an unknown nature.

“The New Bedford Fire Departments was amazing at the scene!” said one woman who preferred not be be named. “They literally are superheroes!”

This is a developing story which will be updated throughout the day as more information comes in.

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