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OPINION: New Bedford mom: “Surrounding towns found ways to have graduation for the kids, but New Bedford can’t?”


“Hey, anyone who cares to listen: Care to run an article as to why NBHS has to take away the graduation for the seniors?

My son a graduating senior now has NOTHING. I can hardly believe that all surrounding cities (Fairhaven, Dartmouth, Bishop Stang) could find ways to have a graduation but yet the high school can’t. Come on! Is it really COVID related?

I’m from the graduating class of ’94 and I know just how big the Paul Walsh Field is. You mean to tell me they can’t have the kids walks across in some sort of logical alphabetical file and video that to present on TV? All they give us is a virtual graduation? By virtual graduation, I mean their name being mentioned next to a picture. Thanks for the effort but…

Anyone ever stop to think about the struggles the kids and perhaps some of the families had to go through during the 4 years of high school? All the encouragement or the endless meeting after meeting or phone call after phone call to advocate for their child in one way, shape, or form? Never mind the missed time from work that some parents may have had to take.

When this day finally comes, it means the world to parents, siblings, and the like. After all the struggles and, yes even for those that have the capacity to get through high school undaunted, this day means the world to most, if not all, the families. You give the kids a cap and gown for what? A reminder of what they don’t have. There was no senior prom, no senior after party no NOTHING for this graduating class.

So why not give the kids a diploma and attach a roll of toilet paper with it, as it’s all gone done the potty. It’s all been flushed down the toilet anyway so what difference does it make?

From a very sad pi&%ed off mother, Marianne Farr.”

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