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Lobster in Local History & Culture

The “bug” of the sea, the favorite of many a “seafoodie” and the crustacean that evokes drooling at its mention, is our friend the lobster. The word lobster comes from the Old English loppestre, which interestingly enough is related to the O.E. word for “spider”, loppe. It is also related …

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Seamen’s Bethel Monday Tours

Seamen's Bethel New Bedford

Have you ever wondered what the Seamen’s Bethel really is? Have you wondered why it was built to begin with? The Port Society, in conjunction with New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, is proud to announce special Seamen’s Bethel tours each Monday afternoon. The tours start at New Bedford Whaling …

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Some Notable New Bedford African-Americans

As you know, February is “Black History Month” in the United States.  What you may not know is that New Bedford has deep roots when it comes to African-Americans.  The city was an integral part of the Underground Railroad that helped bring slaves from the southern slavery states into the …

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