Trader Jan’s Archery Pro-Shop: Shoots a bullseye with local archery enthusiasts

Everything archery related under the sun…and under Trader Jan’s roof!

Are you an archery enthusiast? Hunter? Hobbyist? If you’ve had anything to do with archery in the past two decades you know all about Trader Jan’s Archery Pro Shop. If you are thinking about getting into archery for whatever reason, you will soon know about them!

Since 1991 Trader Jan’s has been serving the archery community in the south coast Masschusetts area. Trader Jan’s is the longest running family owned and operated Archery Pro Shop in Southeastern Massachusetts and for darn good reasons: anything and everything archery related is found under one roof, serviced by a family with decades of experience done in a very friendly way. This is a place where everyone knows your name – as was evident during my entire visit. Current owner and Dartmouth native Jill Oliveira and the frequent customers that came and went, exchanged friendly banter and addressed each other by first name.

The pro-shop is in an unassuming mill building tucked away on the 2nd floor. Don’t be fooled however. You will be shocked when you walk through the mill and open the door to Trader Jan’s.

Archery is a rewarding experience for all age groups!

It’s like a mom & pop version of Dick’s Sporting Goods or a Bass Pro Shop. It’s a rather large spot and to be honest, I had no idea that there was this much to archery. The last time I shot an arrow was when I was a teenager, some time in the Pleistocene. Back then one shot at trees, a coffee can or Wooly Mammoth.

I was curious what had happened in the interim and Jill had explained that one wasn’t restricted to hunting or shooting around in your backyard. There were archery clubs, indoor shooting ranges, and even a 3D video range! Archery had come a long way since I was shooting at cans in the 80s – or since the bow was first invented 15,000 years ago for that matter. While archery was used for military and survival purposes for thousands of years, when firearms came into use, archery went into a steep decline.

It wouldn’t be until the 18th century that archery would undergo a revival through recreational activities. In the 19th century it became a legitimate sport and with the advent of the 20th century and the opening of Asia, the world had learned that it could also be an art form, as Japan practices with Kyūjutsu.

To this long list of archery activities, Jill mentioned that there are a fair amount of couples who go on dates to Trader Jan’s. Popcorn and a movie is way overrated!

Traditional, compound, recurve bows and even crossbows!

Regardless of the reason one takes up the bow and arrow, there are a number of benefits. One of the obvious reasons attached to hunting is that it equals food for the family and perhaps a trophy. Recreationally speaking, whether indoor or outdoors, there is a fair amount of walking. Even in an indoor gallery one has to go back and forth to retrieve arrows to shoot them again. It’s not all “legs” though as there is some upper body strength that is developed from drawing the bow repeatedly.

There is a social aspect when accompanied by friends or family and mentally focus and attention are developed. All the while you learn a new skill. In a way, it is a martial art with all the discipline that comes with it.

In terms of archery gear, there are compound bows for youth and adults, longbows, recurve bows, a variety of sights and targets, arrow rests, bow cases, stabilizers, quivers, crossbows, and hundreds of other accessories. All these can be purchased in person at the shop, or through the online store.

In addition, Trader Jan’s offers a number of services. Want to customize your arrows or bow? Want to repair or refletch your arrows? Bow giving you issues? Want custom strings? No problem. Trader Jan’s has a full service bow repair shop, you bring it in and if it can be repaired Trader Jan’s Archery Pro-Shop Bow repair specialist can fix it.

New to it all? Need some help? Trader Jan’s offers lessons. Have some questions? Check out the FAQ or better yet stop in. Want to get involved in the many events or youth/adult leagues? Check out their dedicated page.

If you aren’t the outdoors type, you can use the indoor ranges. There are 10, 20 and a 40 yard range which is marked from 5 yards to 40 yards. Trader Jan’s offers range rates are $10.00 an hour and $5.00 a half hour with your own gear, per person. $20.00 an hour and $13.00 per half hour with our rental gear, per person. Tuesday’s is their half price shooting day. The rates are $5.00 and hour and $3.00 a half hour with your own gear, per person and $10.00 an hour and $7.00 a half hour with their rental gear, per person.

Off-season hours (from January to August) are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:30 PM to 8 PM and Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM. They are closed Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Busy season hours (August to end of December ) they are open Tuesday through Friday from 4:30 PM to 9 PM and Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM. Closed Sunday & Monday.

The coolest thing I saw while I was there was the area’s only 3D video range. This range has 500 different screens and scenarios. An animal is walking or running through the wild and you shoot specially tipped arrows at a Kevlar screen. Wherever your arrow strikes is lit with a color and recorded. A demo can be seen here. As of the date of this article, rates are $5 for half an hour or $8 an hour. Call ahead to be sure.

So whether you are already an archer or considering taking up a new hobby, you’ll find in Trader Jan’s a world class facility with everything you could possibly need under one roof. All serviced by a friendly, knowledgeable, experienced staff: Jill!

Trader Jan’s Archery Pro-Shop

Jill Oliveira
288 Plymouth Ave
Fall River, Massachusetts 02721
Tues, Wed, Fri: 4:30pm-8:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am-5:00pm

Phone: (774) 627-7743

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