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White Spotted Bamboo Shark Hatches at Ocean Explorium



The Ocean Explorium is pleased to announce the arrival of a baby White Spotted Bamboo Shark. After approximately 100 days in the egg, this fully-formed young shark hatched Sunday morning.

Exhibit Curator Warren Gibbons, said “We are very excited. Visitors are most attracted to young animals. There was a tremendous response two and a half years ago, when our first baby sharks were born. One of the young sharks from that batch of babies is in the Ray and Shark Touch Tank today.”

The new baby shark measures about six inches in length and displays bands of contrasting color. It is one of four fertile eggs and, according to Mr. Warren, “There is significant activity within the other egg cases, indicating the babies are preparing to hatch.” He added “The young shark appears to be quite healthy. It breathes easily, moves along the bottom of its isolation tank, and is already eating.”

The egg-laying White Spotted Bamboo Shark is one of three species exhibited in the Ray and Shark Touch Tank within the Ocean Explorium; other species include the Atlantic Stingray and the Cownose Ray. Other exhibits that permit the public to interact with marine life include the Scallop Touch Tank, the Rocky Shore Touch Tank and the Coral Farm.

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