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READER OPINION: “My 12-point challenge to redesign and improve New Bedford!”


My 12 point challenge to redesign New Bedford. What is yours?

01. A New Bedford Children’s museum.

02. The Orpheum turned into performing arts main stage but mainly a cultural dance center.

03. A giant indoor go-cart building like the one in Wrentham. It will have catwalks overhead for observation and monitoring.

04. A giant biking center for every kind of biking possible but mainly theater biking: films featuring amazing country roads from every country and every grade of incline so bikes can either change gears or increase cardiac challenge. Also with a catwalk overhead in all therooms for observation and monitoring.

05. A giant skating center for inline rollerblading room. It will include a family skating room, child learning skating rooms, performance roller skating, ballroom, challenge roller skating, a room with a snack area in the center like “U.S. Skate” has. It will also have overhead catwalks in every room for observation and monitoring.

06. Domes like Milwaukee has, i.e. tropical jungle, arid desert, oriental garden, et al.

07. A tea room and mystery mansion events that would host murder mysteries. ghost hunting, and escape rooms for fun.

08. HGTV home improvement teams and tenement improvement teams. We need this more than anything for Brickenwood, and other assisted housing complexes. They could enlarge living areas by 3-4x what they are now. Needy families would benefit.

09. Get rid of offshore wind to protect ocean animals and their ecology. Otherwise it will be ruined and create more danger for everyone including our fishermen and women.

10. Erect many horizontal gardens which means “food forests” so that people have have free fruit. The fruit trees can be maintained by tax revenue. There are 23-year-old food forests in New Zealand whose temp zone is close to ours.

11. New storybook storefronts for businesses. This will be mandated just like it is in Cape Cod and other areas throughtout New England.

12. Indoor dog parks with catwalks overhead for monitoring and observation. Outdoor dog parks with constant attendants making sure owners use dog bags which will be. There will be disposal units so each dog owner will have no excuse but to clean up after their own dogs. It will save money spent with the police having to monitor citizens who don’t clean up after their dogs.


A. More money put into farming like ‘Round The Bend.’ farm which is run by Dane and friends Derrick Christianson of Bricks Bounty Farming. Classes will be offered on this style of farming for generations and generations.

B. Catwalks for safety because of abusers and killers. Extra security and police to protect us… and also for any parent or grandparents.

C. Contact your local officials as this country is run by the people and for the people.”-Hope Hallett.

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