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OPINION: “U.S. is no longer a beacon of Democracy, but a beacon to the far-right, MAGA regime”


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“For many decades, especially after World War Two, the United States was seen as a beacon of democracy by many nations struggling to achieve a similar form of government and freedom and equality for all.

Even though the United States, in reality, did not measure up to the attributed equality, the concept was aspired to by many Americans and politicians. And undeniably there was some modicum of equality achieved by minority groups, women and immigrants.

However, during the Trumpian MAGA regime and subsequent empowerment of right wing unmuzzled legislators, politicians and grieving supporters, many hard won protections were erased. And publicly proclaimed hatred for others was encouraged and acted upon.

Trumpism became the new beacon for many previously democratic nations that have now turned the voting majority into right wing nationalists and xenophobes. Denmark’s newly elected leader is the most disheartening example of a previously democratic and humane nation mimicking the Trumpian model.

The United States is slowly providing the template for extreme nationalism, which all too frequently became the root cause of barbaric wars.”-Betty Ussach, Dartmouth.

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  1. Trump is the best president in my lifetime, for those of you who voted for Biden, I hope you learned a valuable lesson that Democrats are no longer the democrats we knew growing up, they are a lunatics who are ruining this country on purpose. I’ve never paid so much for every damn thing Gas, Electric, Food, Interest, and so on. I’m going Trump 2024, we need a Great president to get this country back to being energy independent again, safe neighborhoods by backing the blue, ending illegal immigration, Arab accords, etc…for those who voted for Biden because of Trumps tweets or things he says then you need to get over it. Our country was respected when he was in charge and everything was $$ better as well. The mainstream media will lie to you right to your face every day about Trump and Biden successes (Yeah OK!) stop believing them and do your own due diligence.

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