Massachusetts State Police photo.

Suspended license for failure to pay child support results in Fentanyl Trafficking charges for Massachusetts State Police man


“November 26, 2023, Trooper Joshua Gagnon was conducting patrol on Route 91 northbound in West Springfield. Trooper Gagnon’s attention was drawn to a Ford Fusion sedan which was drifting out of the marked lanes of Route 91. Trooper Gagnon ran a check of the vehicle’s registration and saw the registered owner’s license was suspended for failure to pay child support.

Trooper Gagnon stopped the Ford and made contact with the driver, FREDERICK JESERSKI, 35, of Southwick. Trooper Gagnon confirmed JESERSKI was the registered owner of the Ford and removed him from the vehicle. A search of JESERSKI’s person found a knife in his pocket, and in his hooded sweatshirt, several individual packages commonly used to bundle heroin or fentanyl. JESERSKI was placed under arrest and seated in the rear of a State Police cruiser.

At this point, backed up by Troopers Brett Goldsmith and Derrick Desruisseaux, Trooper Gagnon turned to conducting a probable cause search of the vehicle JESERSKI was driving. That search discovered, under the passenger seat and on the rear seat floorboards; a hunting knife, a collapsible baton, and approximately 7,575 individually packaged doses of fentanyl totaling over 151.5 grams, or almost 6 ounces.

JESERSKI was booked, photographed, and fingerprinted at the Springfield Barracks.

JESERSKI was arraigned at Springfield District Court on charges of:

1. Trafficking In Fentanyl;
2. Carrying a Dangerous Weapon;
3. Operating A Motor Vehicle With a Suspended License; and
4. Marked Lanes Violation.”-Massachusetts State Police.

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