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OPINION: “Instead of sweeping New Bedford roads, fix potholes, get guns, and drugs off the streets!”


The following is an opinion sent to New Bedford Guide. It does not reflect the opinion of New Bedford Guide, nor is it an OP-ED. In fairness and objectivity we share opinions from our readers whether we agree or disagree with their opinion.


“I’d like to congratulate Mayor Mitchell and the Department of Public Infrastructure – otherwise known as the Public Works Department – on their newly placed ‘do not park’ signs on North St. and other streets for their street sweeping program.

Now I swerve potholes the size of VWs going down my street but at least it’ll be swept and nice and clean every first and third Wednesday-Thursday.

I wonder how much this will cost per year? Why not save that money for 2 years and repair some roads with it before we implement a plan to sweep them? Why not a street sweeping program to get more guns and drugs off the street?

That’s logic and Mitchell has none!

I know why that won’t happen here because that doesn’t make the City money. Towing hard-working citizens’ cars because they have no place to park due to a new street sweeping program, that’s how it’s done here. That’s the way this city runs its business and that is how much it cares about you!

Keep voting him in, Mayer Mitchell loves you all! Mayor Mitchell, we thank you!

I have received a few “keyboard warrior” call-outs. So let’s make this clear:

IF I WAS MAYOR, I would call for a third-party review on the decibel level of a street sweeper truck running up and down neighborhoods in the AM hours and whether or not that would adversely affect someone who had mental health problems. Or maybe someone who is autistic or who has autistic children, or maybe a veteran with PTSD because you know white noise at 90dcb is awesome for us, but what about them?

If that review came back in favor to proceed with the said plan then how about using an odd side-even side parking ban. One night you’re only allowed to park on the odd number side of the street so the street sweepers can clean the even side of the street and the other night you’re allowed to park on the even side of the street.

maybe I will run for office in the very near future. 🤔” -Rob Chaves.

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  1. Just based on how poorly the construction on Union St. downtown has been handled the Mitchell Administration should be reconsidered by voters. The street is torn apart daily and is now the worst stretch in the city while arguably being the most visible and important street downtown. The utility upgrades have taken what? 3 years to make hurting the businesses and residents that occupy or use the street everyday. Not to mention the psychological effect of reminding the residents their local government is inefficient, corrupt or both! A better solution would have been to mobilize a larger contractor to dig the entire street up at once, with all utility companies coordinated and subsidize the businesses that rely on the street for say 3 months. The project would be done and dusted and already beautiful like the stretch below Purchase St. Typical bureaucracy operation hiring contractor who clearing are using the project to create endless amounts of work and material waste.

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