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OPINION: The aggressive pursuit of revenue from parking violations and the hypocrisy of the local government


So a few weeks ago New Bedford decided to put two handicapped parking spaces on a street with already limited parking.

It is one of the few streets that you cannot park on both sides even though everyone does. The town makes a lot of revenue off of the good people on Crapo Street because of the lack of parking, so often times you will find tickets on your windshield when you are parked in front of your own house.

I actually had my truck parked where you see the car above before they put the signs for handicapped parking. They then put the signs in while my truck was parked there and had the audacity to write me $100 ticket.

I did fight it and win, but it’s just the principle that you would try to get money out of me when my vehicle was parked there before you put up the sign – that’s really low.

So in the picture, there is a blue plated car that is not handicapped but has a government plate. Looks like the town gets to do whatever they want. – Doug Howard

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  1. My son got a ticket legally parked on William Street while in class at BCC . He cane out to find the ticket and took a cell phone picture of the meter with 10 minutes still on it! When I went to the parking office to complain they told me it was past the time to dispute the ticket (a week)? I asked to see the meter ticket writer to see if he does that everyday! Is he Too lazy to go around the block?Oh no you cant talk to him… Maybe get his eyes tested. So I had to pay the ticket , but told my son take classes in Fall River, shop there, buy gas there, eat there , enjoy a coffee there too, and when the downtown New Bedford is a ghost town the people in charge of the city will scratch their heads and wonder why! I hope they got his eyes checked with that $$.

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