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OPINION: Response to Betty Ussach: “Bibi provokes TDS and Trump is to blame for everything”


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The following is a response to Betty Ussach’s Opinion piece, entitles, “It’s distressing that people support Netanyahu, Trump’s narcissistic, destructive agendas”.

“The constant blaming of everything wrong is Trump’s fault, known as Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), is living in a certain author’s gray matter permanently now. Hamas attacking Israel and Israel’s response is somehow interconnected to Trump. Can’t make this up! Trump had every right to exercise all legal options to the bogus charges, many under novel legal theories. We still have due process!

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But you wouldn’t know that if you only watch TDS news stations which most are. Bibi had every right to defend his country and ensure the enemy is completely defeated, never to be attacked again in an ambush of innocent civilians. Rapes, beheadings and torture are all acceptable to the author, just be compassionate in your response. Shameful! Hamas has taken billions of dollars and used it for war purposes, building tunnels under hospitals and buying weapons all with the intent on destroying Israel, with the support of the Palestinian people.

There isn’t much room for compassion when the enemy butchers your citizens in an unprovoked act of war. The founding principles of any nation are to ensure the safety and sovereignty of its citizens and country. Principles obviously devoid as expressed in the opinion piece. Again, somehow Trump is lumped in with the war as losing international respect for each nation.

What Trump supposedly has to do with the Israel/Hamas conflict is further proof of TDS. Conversely, while Trump was President, the world was at peace, initiated the Abraham Accords and brought great economic improvement to all economies and demographics. Facts not acknowledge by those suffering TDS.

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The most delusional statement of all is believing the American new media is the most accurate! Now that’s one hallucination! It has been proven over and over that most “main stream” news media, that the author watches, has been proven to lie, misstate, take out of context and distort the truth to continue the hatred of DT.

Russia Gate-False, Laptop-Real, FISA Abuse-True, Hillary falsely started Russia to deflect from her email scandal-True, the list goes on and on, but you wouldn’t know it if you watched Fake News. Hence the continued TDS living in many people’s gray matter.

Lastly, when did it become a “destructive agenda” to put America and Americans first and bring back jobs moved overseas due to cheap labor and little or no environmental regulations to ensure the well being of our citizen’s first? Patriotism is not a destructive agenda! Unfortunately the hatred made people vote personality over policy.

The Fake News did their job, Orange Man Bad! Look what we have now; world wars, inflation, open borders with known terrorists already here, rampant gang crime and soaring energy costs that nobody can afford. The tide is turning and when DJ becomes 47 I hope those suffering from TDS, get help and be prepared for more world peace and God blessing America again.”-Nelson Strebor.

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  1. Nelson, you are on partly a right path. The part on bring back out companies to the US. ItBut if you believe we were better off when t was president, you are wrong. We lived every day wondering and worrying who d was going to piss off and who was going to attack us because of it. Heck, t brought on the riots I saw it with my own eyes. I heard it with my own ears, no fake news, live news, watching the actions of a deranged leader, who sexually abused woman, verbally abused those having special needs, knocked down our own military. You feel t was so great, get an island and bring all the other delusional followers and live your lives away from the sane. Betty has the strength to speak out just like you and your idiotic remarks. You only show you have been vaccinated with a dose of idiot juice or perhaps it’s what you smoke.

  2. Betty knows best

    Hey Nelson, do you hear what comes out of dt’s mouth. I do, no one else needs to blame dt for anything. He has got in all this trouble by opening his own mouth. By the way, there is nothing on the market to relieve TDS, until the man himself is behind bars and does not have access to media so we all don’t have to see or hear him.

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