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OPINION: “It’s distressing that people support Netanyahu, Trump’s narcissistic, destructive agendas”


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“The stunning defiance and arrogance of Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump.

Each phase of Israel’s response to the Hamas attack of October 7th reveals the depth of arrogance, self-righteousness and selfishness of Benjamin Netanyahu. The comparison to Donald Trump is startling. Each man is facing criminal convictions and is delaying judicial accountability: Netanyahu by continuing the horrendous war upon Gaza and Trump by fomenting and threatening civil war and utilizing every trial delaying tactic.

Devoid of compassion or commitment to the founding principles of their nations each man is doubling down on hateful rhetoric and is appealing to the vindictive and nationalist tendencies of millions of supporters.

Each man has the ability and possibility of completely destroying any international respect or support previously accorded their nation. The principles of rule of law, equality and fairness have no significance to them but are obstacles to their dictatorial aspirations.

It is particularly distressing that in two of the most educationally advanced nations, with unlimited access to accurate news, that hundreds of thousands of citizens continue to believe obvious lies, and support each man despite overwhelming evidence of their unethical, narcissistic and destructive agendas.”-Betty Ussach, Dartmouth.

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  1. No problem! The Mayor of New Bedford just went to israel to bring some of his fiscal sanity to the situation. Now if he can just institute a stop loss for the United States it would be an astounding success! Over seven hundred billion dollars in taxpayer funded aid(builds an awful lot of bridges and roads), over seven thousand lives of U.S. Servicemen and women, all over seven decades and For What? For what exists today? Almost every country in the UN is on record against Israel’s current actions! The U.S. abstained, what courage it took to fo that. And then we have Mayor Mitchell.

  2. we are fortunate to be living in a country [USA] which has no enemy knocking at our borders.Israels borders are surrounded by countries that want them dead.if the surrounding countries had their way it would be genocide.They have the right to defend themselves.unfortunately in every war there are innocent caualties.

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