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OPINION: New Bedford waitress fired over offering patrons plastic spoons to eat dessert


“I wasn’t going to really touch on this subject but… I have to because this is just ridiculous.

Yesterday I got a call, being ‘let go’ from one of my jobs over a review. The review stated that they spent $200 and got served dessert with plastic spoons $95 of that tab was alcohol.

To quickly summarize Tuesday night (when this incident occurred) the restaurant was pretty busy, I was in the front section near the kitchen running food because our runner had called out, my section was full 2 servers got cut early around 7:30pm one was a double the other was hungover. People were still being seated when they were cut outside of my section, so I had 6 tables in total.

We ran out of spoons, I told the manager as I was running food to let the dishwasher know we had run out. She told him so he does one load, (he was also slammed with dishes at this point) two tables at that moment ordered desserts, so there goes six spoons.

After that a table of 3 orders desserts. We ran out of spoons again!!! I’m like, ‘Hey we need spoons once again.” As another server was helping me find some we found zero I had to take another table’s order, so trying to problem solve quickly I grab 3 plastic spoons. As I’m handing it to them I let them know I apologize it took 15 minutes to try and get spoons and asked if the plastics were ok and if not they would have to eat creme brûlée with forks.

They said “OK” to the spoons. The woman who had ordered a pizza and was eating with her hands all night decided to write a review about a plastic spoon that cost me my job.

Not only did I give them great service, switched the man’s side orders on his dish for him, and recommended one of my favorite meals to the other woman who was undecided on what to get, but I truly made sure everything was great from food to service.

To the women who wrote such a review, it was a pleasure serving you for the last time. Before you go and write dumb reviews about little things that can be fixed, please think about the restaurant employees and their families. I have a 3-year-old and honestly, I don’t work just to work I work to pay bills, take of expenses, etc. I’m a hard worker so had I known I would be fired for giving plastic spoons I would’ve jumped behind dish stuck my hands in a bin with knives etc to personally wash them for you.

Being fired over a plastic spoon is beyond me. And to my previous employer, well wishes.” -Carmen R.

Carmen R. photo.


Carmine’s At Candleworks statement in response:

“Attention Valued Customers and Employees of Carmines at Candleworks:

As most of you who have dined with us know, It is always our goal to give our customers the best possible dining experience around. We take great pride in the food that we make and the service that we provide, and always try to uphold a certain level of standards. We understand that this isn’t always possible to maintain, but we try our best to always do so.

Additionally, we take pride in how we treat all of our employees and are confident that we offer a happy and fair workplace to all. Just as any other workplace, we have rules and standards that all staff are expected to follow, and all are held equally to these standards.

We mention this because it was brought to our attention that a post has been circulating over social media that was made by a former employee stemming from a review that a recent customer posted about their dining experience with us, and their subsequent separation of employment due to it.

Please understand that this is a decision that was made by both ownership and management together, and a decision that we continue to fully support, as there’s more to the story than what has been shared.

We want to be clear, we have NEVER let an employee go solely due to a single review or comment that has been made by a customer regarding their performance or negative dining experience. If somebody was let go, there is more to it than what people may be led to believe. Regarding this particular situation, we will leave it at that, as we cannot comment any further due to privacy and labor laws; though we wish this individual the best in future endeavors.

We always welcome negative feedback from your dining experiences, it helps us know where we need to improve for your next visit. We hope that this doesn’t deter others from leaving feedback, positive or negative, in the future as it helps us improve for you.

Lastly, we don’t ever delete or hide posts when it’s related to your dining experience. However, at this time, as people continue to try to fill our page with false statements solely to hurt the restaurant based on incomplete information that they have read online, we have no choice other than to hide, delete, and if necessary ban those who continue to do so.

We hope that people are able to look past this unfortunate event and thank all of our loyal customers and employees for their continued support. Happy New Year!”

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  1. Carmine’s at Candleworks gets the las statement and word. That’s unfortunate.
    Given the former employee’s account and more importantly, the manner in which it was politely and professionally conveyed, I am more inclined to believe that the server was less to blame for anything. Ownership and mgmt that implied that there may have been past actions that led to her separation of employment seem right on the edge of not violating privacy and labor laws, while still hinting. If this were indeed, a “last straw”, perhaps they need more straws…and spoons.

  2. Rebecca E Hermanson

    I truly feel bad for the server. I have been in the restaurant business my whole life 42 yrs. I have wanted to go back but times are different now and it scares me to death. I would be mortified to get bad reviews that the whole world can see. Theres not usually any good outcome. One way or another thats going to hurt you. I was screwed many times in the old fashioned ways and that was hard enough! I hope this server stays tough and another door opens for her.

  3. Call Carmine so at 774 510 7901 and let them know how you feel about them treating workers like this. WELCOME TO GENTRIFICATION WHERE NEW R3SIDENTS LOOK DOWN ON OLD RESIDENTS ! I just gave them the worst reviews I could think of and we all should do the same. If Carmine treats workers like slaves then they should be put out of business

  4. My two cents person

    I feel awful for the server. If mngmnt is so adamant that their establishment takes care of their customers then why don’t they have enough spoons for their patrons?
    I applaud the server for trying to resolve the situation and honestly it isn’t a big deal having to eat desert with a plastic spoon. Some people are born with gold and silver spoons in their mouths and going to plastic must Just be too hard.
    And now the restaurant wants to stop the reviews.

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