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OPINION: “Let’s get real about defunding police, undocumented immigrants, outlawing abortions!”


The following is an opinion sent to New Bedford Guide. It does not reflect the opinion of New Bedford Guide, nor is it an OP-ED. In fairness and objectivity, we share opinions from our readers whether we agree or disagree with their opinion.

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“Defunding the police, closing all jails and prisons, outlawing all abortions, allowing unrestricted abortion, eliminating all undocumented immigration, open borders, erasing all history book references to the inhumanity and savagery of slavery, and decreasing long-standing entitlements, are attractive clarion calls for impractical voters who are unconcerned with nuance, reality, or their best interests.

Anyone familiar with the judicial system understands that it is essential to imprison dangerous and unrepentant criminals and that halfway housing them or providing therapy is not always effective or safe. On the other hand, a vast majority of incarcerated people have mental health or addiction issues that are exacerbated by incarceration with punishing procedures.

We must have adequate medical and mental health facilities and services for those who get caught up in the judicial system, but we also must maintain prisons and jails for those who injure or murder without remorse and cannot be rehabilitated.

In the same vein, we need more social workers and police officers trained in de-escalation techniques, devoting significant funding to law enforcement departments to accomplish safety for the community as well as the mentally ill and addicted.

To defund or eliminate police departments in a country rife with life-threatening rage, unlimited access to guns, almost daily shooting rampages and inequality of income and resources, is nonsensical and should not be presented as a viable issue.

Outlawing all abortions is as indefensible as unlimited pregnancy terminations. There must be an acknowledgment that this is an issue that involves health, morals, religious and financial consideration and not a political problem to be exploited by opportunistic legislators.

To cleanse our classroom textbooks and school libraries of truthful renditions of American History will deny developing minds the opportunity to understand what is achievable as a nation and what should be avoided.

The thorniest and least resolvable problem is immigration and those that propose no limits, or denying access except to those with assets to invest, or much needed skills, are ignoring the positive contributions historically provided by millions of immigrants. But there is also the necessity to acknowledge that we presently lack the resources to process and settle millions of immigrants.

To those unaware of the personal impact a reduction in entitlements will have on their lives, and who support politicians promoting such legislation, is perhaps the saddest aspect of present-day politics.

Unfortunately, with the ever-decreasing availability of local print newspapers, the voters are relying on internet and cable t.v. commentators who are rarely held accountable for the distortions pedaled to their listeners who believe, and act upon, their biased and enraging lies.” -Betty Ussach, Dartmouth.

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