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OPINION: “Dunbar School is a dumping ground and no one is doing anything about it.”


“Hi, New Bedford Guide,

I am writing to you today to bring awareness to a neighborhood that has become a dumping ground. I’ve lived in this neighborhood my whole life and also attended this beautiful school that is now a dumping ground and no one is doing anything about it.

Dunbar School on Dartmouth St. in the south end of New Bedford closed its doors in 2011 and it sat vacant until a private contractor (Sherwood Building Co. Inc.) purchased the property for $40,000 in 2016. – something residents were never made aware of.

They have not taken care of this property as you can see from the photos. There are multiple violation tags taped to the door and still nothing.

I figure if I can bring awareness to this issue something can be done. It only takes one person to care enough about the community and our neighborhoods to make a difference and we as a community cannot allow this disgusting mess to ruin our city.

I hope maybe if people hear about this something will be done about it

Thank You,

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  1. Kathleen Scieszka

    When this company purchased the Dunbar St School, didn’t they submit a proposal on what they planned to do with this property? It has been three years and nothing has been done. I believe the city should seize it because of abandonment. A suggestion would be to help the community by making a portion of that lot parking (this would help especially during the winter) and the rest of it a community garden.

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