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“OPINION: “Donald Trump will never see the inside of a prison cell!”


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Often people do not want their last names used or they prefer anonymity. The reason for this is that in this day and age of social media, people will insult and ridicule people, their spouses and children and even try to get people fired or their businesses boycotted. In extreme cases, threats are made and based on a person’s profile, enough information is gathered to figure out where people live, work, eat, or play.

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“No matter the timing of additional criminal indictments against Trump, or trials , that may result in convictions, Donald Trump will never spend more than a few hours in a cell.

If the most provable and consequential federal law violations are the basis of convictions and he is sentenced to jail he will evade incarceration by appealing all sentences until they reach the Supreme Court.

As long as Trump finds willing attorneys to represent him and he can use each indictment, conviction and appeal to generate donations from his never deterred supporters to cover all his court costs, the trials and hearings will continue indefinitely.

Like PBS serials there will be season after season episodes: his fate always in a threatened position but always rescued by unforeseen circumstances. His celebrity and notoriety will always be at the top of the news’ cycles.

Should he win a second term his presidency will forestall all criminal legal matters, not having been litigated, and he will pardon himself of all convictions. Not having to rely on the generosity of his supporters he will now have all the necessary resources, willing appointees and legislators to mount the most vindictive crusade against every person who may have criticized him, voted for his impeachment or was associated with Biden, Clinton, and Obama.

He will find receptive prosecutors and judges to penalize the very people he accused of weaponizing the judicial systems.

Trump will also, as promised, pardon all those convicted of crimes for the January 6th insurrection. Having a willing cadre of insurrectionists, and new recruits, will act as a warning for the outcome of future elections.”-Betty Ussach, Dartmouth.

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  1. Betty, I unlike you believe in the judicial system. He is not GOD, he may think he is, but he’s not. Anyone stating they will pardon him should be locked up with him. There are supposed to be a catholic following. Well how many commandments has he broken. I count 5 including thou shall not kill. Jan 6th. The law should be changed and pardons should not be given to any member of the presidential cabinet, current or past that has done jail time or been convicted of a crime. I sure hope the Kool aid has been pulled off the market, now it’s what the heck are those supporters smoking. This country is going to hell. It’s pretty bad when we allow people of such prejudices and crimes run the US. Anyone with common sense does not need a judge or a jury to know criminal acts were done. I can see the cloud of darkness coming to drag him and his followers to hell. We need a fresh new batch of nominees. On both sides.

  2. They should start amending Article II, section 2, Clause 1 of the constitution.

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