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New Bedford woman heartbroken by failure, wants to inspire others who may have lost hope


What event in life made you want to give up? Ever feel like a dark cloud is following you, that you might be cursed, or just can’t seem to get a break? One New Bedford woman wants to share her story that demonstrates that while the saying “Getting knocked down 8 times, means you just get up 9 times.” might be a cliche, it’s a wise one.

We share her story in the hopes that it may be perfect timing for someone that just might be needing a little boost of inspiration.


By Brittany Briggs.

“Hello, I am reaching out because I feel we need some positivity in this world.

I wanted to let everyone know that no matter what obstacles you face in life and no matter what you go through, never let anyone or anything come in between your dreams. I’ve encountered many obstacles that brought me down but I managed to pick myself back up and keep fighting for my dream.

A few years ago, I got kicked out of UMass Dartmouth due to the lowest GPA possible. After numerous attempts of fighting and appealing, I got reinstated back but I had to bring up my GPA. I was out on academic probation and immediately turned my whole attitude around.

I passed all my classes with A’s and B’s. I even made the Dean’s list in 2021. I am now about to turn thirty years old and I am graduating with my Bachelor’s in Crime and Justice in May of this year. I plan to become a defense attorney and go to law school after I graduate.

It took me eight long years to come this far. In the end, I made it despite every battle I faced. If I can do it, you can do it. Follow your dreams and do not let anyone or anything come in between.

Brittany Briggs photo.

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