New Bedford resident fed up with late night rummagers who leaves a mess


“I live in the west end off of Union Street, New Bedford about 7 blocks down from Buttonwood Park on a quiet little street. Myself, my son, and my dog were woken up last night at midnight then again around 1:00 am by garbage pickers.

They know when our trash days are and come in the night to rummage through everything! They are extremely loud and leave our barrels a mess. Last night my son was scared because it sounded like they were breaking into the house.

My neighbors and I have also been fined by the city for our garbage being a mess and having garbage in the recycling but it’s really not our fault.

Has anyone else had a similar situation? It is getting frustrating ?”-Kayla.

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  1. Priscilla Berbere-Soto

    I also live in the west end. My son told me that a guy was In my yard looking around and took his redeemables. When confronted the man said the gate was open therefore it’s not trespassing. I was livid, who do these people think they are to just think it’s okay to go on someone’s property and help themselves to whatever they want. My answer would have been, then it’s okay for me to beat the crap out of you because you’re trespassing on private property and stealing from me. What would the judge think of that? Unbelievable! It’s not okay. THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED. Can’t beat them or can we? So how so we stop them?

  2. Yes, and this is the solution. First they are looking for 5c deposit cans. And sometimes scrap metal. But 90 percent of those people are looking for cans. What we do is we put them in the old New Bedford Rexycling bin(all of the redeemable cans) this has virtually stopped the littered sidewalk. Hope that helps…. MICHAEL

  3. Yes they do the same here if parker and caroline st.. rediculous.. they have no consideration for the people who’s barrels they r going thru. And i do NOT care if the “open” gate had a welcome sign on it.. that’s for residents and family and friends… that’s not for the fucking trash homeless rummagers@!.

  4. I’ve fought this battle on ring app over and over. WE NEED TO OUT A STOP TO THIS! I paid the bottle deposit not so someone can come into my yard and STEAL. Idc if they were taking flowers ITS STEALING. I’d dig a petition in a heart beat making this an arrestable offense because I’ve caught people red headed who are asked not to return but will later in the week every week. It’s not even sad anymore it’s RIDICULOUS

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