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Mom angry with New Bedford School after 10-year old son was searched because of a “smell”


“Way of controlling our kids at school. They have gone to far and I don’t know how to handle it.

My child attends Rodman School’s 4th grade and last week a passerby noticed a smell’ in the hallway. I can assure you was not coming from my son or his belongings.

However, they took it upon themselves to appoint themselves as detectives and removed my 10-year-old child from class and asked for permission to search his things. The search was conducted and naturally nothing was found but that’s also where the search ended. I was never notified.

My son explained what happened to me after letting me know he was scared to death and didn’t understand what was happening. Well, son, you were just a victim of your first illegal search. At 10 years old and in the 4th grade!

I have been waiting and I still have not been notified of the incident. I would like to know how other parents feel about what happened to my son.” -Amanda Nicole. #NewBedford

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  1. Who cares! And you would also complain if they had no security measures. 🖕

    • She should care ifnyou had a young child and he told you this wouldnt you be upset that you werent notified at all about something that transpired with your child

  2. You cannot drive down the road now a days without “the smell”. Having said that, it has no place in schools nor should it. I think the school handled it low key and it was really not a big deal. A BIG deal would have been calling in PD with the dogs (yes plural), locking down the school and doing a 100% accountability search until said “Smell” is located. Happens all the time in other places and is now part of doing safe business at schools, just like the 10 step process to get in and out. Take it as a learning experience for your son that he was not wrong, and that this happens on occasions ( would you feel the same about TSA doing it while on the way to some vacationland?).

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