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Robert Cabral announces candidacy for Ward 3 New Bedford City Councilor


“My name is Robert Cabral, I have signed my nominations papers and am officially a candidate for City Councilor Ward 3. I will appear on the ballot on January 24th, 2023.

This is my first attempt at a public office, and I am so excited to have this opportunity to potentially represent the constituents of Ward 3. My 40-year background as an entrepreneur, manager, and leader makes me the dynamic choice to take charge of all the very important projects that will be happening over the next few years in our Ward.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. I was commissioned as an officer in the Massachusetts Army National Guard at 19-years old – 8 months after being given an opportunity to enter Officer Candidate School, earlier than is normally required.

This impacted me greatly, helping me to become a good leader – one who values subordinate input while analyzing information to make informed decisions. I started and owned ‘Ash Away Hearth and Chimney,” a multi-store retailer that also was involved in construction services for over 30 years before handing it over to my son Kevin.

In the past year, I have worked with homelessness in New Bedford and used my background to come up with a robust 25-page plan to address homelessness in our city. I look forward to getting a serious and raw discussion going on homelessness and its relation to substance use disorder and especially the public mental health crisis we currently face.

The following is my platform for running for this position of public trust. I will encourage all Ward 3 residents to call me to discuss any issues they have both while as a candidate, and if I am lucky enough to win, as your Councilor.

I do not plan on being an absentee Councilman. I will put in the time required and more. Should the residents of Ward 3 see it fit, I will immediately immerse myself into the office, and hit the ground running.

1) My number one priority will be customer (constituent’s) service. After 40 years of doing what is right for the customer and putting them first, I will easily be able to handle constituent needs in a timely and professional manner. My phone, 508-441-1248. is always on. I will respond to your inquiries.

2) Transparency: My very first motion will be to live-stream all City Council meetings. In a post COVID world, there is no excuse for this to not be happening now. A large group of people no longer have cable access. The constituents will know how I voted and why I voted the way I did. All major votes will be posted in a manner to be determined.
I will establish an advisory committee made up of people from all parts of the ward, to keep my pulse on constituent desires. I will attempt to grow involvement in Ward 3 Community Groups, to communicate as much as possible with the group.

3) Provide strong, active leadership and organizational skills required to help successfully implement the major projects coming to the ward, i.e. Hicks-Logan project, the Advanced Manufacturing Campus at the Golf course, the Rail Station, and many more. My experience will allow me to look for missed opportunities, as well as overcoming obstacles as they occur.

Hicks-Logan redevelopment was designed in 2008 yet remains stalled. I will work aggressively to get that project funded. It is an “untapped” jewel, that if done correctly, could solidify New Bedford as a destination city.

4) Strive to achieve consensus amongst the council members. A divided council does not do the will of the people effectively. The best deals are those in which neither side is content. There must be vigorous, respectful debate, and compromise. Every effort must be made to work with whoever is Mayor in the same manner, to maximize constituent benefit.

5) Work to clean up the Weld Square area and fix up some of the roads around there. Contact the new sheriff to see if we can reinstitute the “Inmate Community Service Volunteer Program” to clean up our streets. I will look into a community service program for the long term.

6) Support all City of New Bedford employees. We cannot succeed without our teachers, police, fire, EMS, DPI, and othercity workers. Without good quality people, no entity can be effective. They are critical in providing the valuable services our citizens deserve. I do not support protecting people who do not effectively serve the people. We are all accountable, myself included.

7) Use my financial experience to look for both wasteful spending and budgetary shortfalls that need to be addressed. Ensure there is integrity in the process, and that the needs of the people influence my decisions.

8) Immerse myself in our school system, to the extent possible. I have heard strong opinions from the parents of our children in Ward 3 pertaining to our effectiveness in educating our children. We must all strive to support our students and our teachers. Parents need to actively participate to influence their children’s education.

9) Commission a traffic study to determine the feasibility of implementing a traffic light at the corner of Hathaway Rd and Rockdale Ave, as well as the cost of an additional 5 to 10 crosswalks in the ward.

10) Work to sell, demolish, or repurpose all the abandoned properties within ward 3 that are owned by the city. Work with the building and health departments as required, to ensure that absentee landlords maintain their buildings so our citizens can safely inhabit them.

11) Ensure diversity so that the people that make up our beautiful community are represented equally and all have a voice.

12) Work with businesses to bring more jobs to tMobile
he city, provide tax relief to homeowners, and work to increase assessed values of Commercial Properties, instead of just increasing taxes. This will increase the tax base while allowing businesses more access to much needed capital through credit institutions.

13) Work to provide 24-hour shelters with wraparound services provided by our nonprofits. This will increase the speed in getting clients the help they need faster. I have a working plan that I would provide to anyone interested. We need to get into a serious and raw discussion about homelessness, substance use disorder and our public mental health crisis. My past year working with the homeless will provide the much-needed insight to stimulate conversation.

If given the opportunity to represent Ward 3, I will do so in a professional manner and with integrity. My decisions will be based on my desire to do what is right for the Customer; our citizens.

Thank you for your consideration on January 24th. Please get out and vote. Your vote most certainly matters.
Robert Cabral.”

Robert Cabral
Phone: (508) 441-1248
Email: ashawaybobcabral@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087404783696

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