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Divine Massage: Making Massage Affordable and Central To Your Well-Being and Health


Get a new lease on life … that’s the vision and driving force behind Divine Massage. It’s all about helping people feel better. Massages, once thought of as a novelty, are growing by the day as a common and frequent method of healing and self-care. From reducing physical pain to simply relieving stress, massage is a powerful approach to gaining better health.

Since its inception in 2010, Divine Massage has helped countless persons improve their health. In fact, it’s hard to believe that Divine Massage started from a simple passion and an idea. “I was brand new in the area… a brand new massage therapist,” owner Debbie Bolton says. “It wasn’t like I worked anywhere else. I started with nothing. No clientele at all.”

Today, Divine Massage proudly celebrates six years of success – so much success that they’ve opened up a second location. Expanding upon its existing site in Mattapoisett, Divine Massage is now in New Bedford as well, allowing them to serve and heal even more people.

Healing is at the core of Divine Massage’s operations. In fact, the owner herself speaks from experience. She personally discovered the life-changing benefits of massage, which inspired her to open her business and provide the same to others. “I had back problems. I used to clean houses…all that mopping and vacuuming. That’s what made my back the way it was. I went to see a chiropractor and then started getting massages over there.” Adding massage to her treatment, Bolton says, is what helped to fully relieve all of her pain.

For this reason, Divine Massage specializes in pain relief. “When I hire a massage therapist, I always make them give me a massage first. I want to make sure that they can do the neck and shoulders, the back and glutes… Anyone can give a relaxation massage. I want them to be able to work the muscles and really help people feel better,” says Bolton.

However, Divine Massage serves clients from all backgrounds, professions, and health levels, and clients with varying interests and needs. This includes chiropractic patients, as well as runners, athletes, persons who workout, enjoy yoga and meditation, and those who simply love a great massage.

“There’s so many benefits of massage,” Bolton says. “It can relieve stiff necks, tension, lower back pain, sciatic and piriformis issues. 85% of our clientele is here because something is wrong. They’re hurting. Something is bothering them… And then there’s people that just want to relax. We can do that too. They just want to get away from the world.”

One of the highlights of choosing Divine Massage, is that the experienced staff will help to identify each person’s individual needs. They ask questions and get to know you. They’ll provide you with a complete consultation beforehand so that your massage is individualized to your goals and your body’s specific needs. Even better – if you decide to continue, they keep detailed notes after every visit to monitor your progress.

If you’re new to massage, one of the greatest barriers for most people is simply fear of the unknown. The truth is that many people have never had a massage. They don’t know what to expect. They have questions. They wonder, What happens? What do I wear? Do I have to take everything off? Will I be in pain? Will it be awkward? Will I feel uncomfortable?

“Call us,” Bolton says. “We’ll talk you through it. I’ll show someone the room, show them the table. I explain that they are always draped… and I leave every choice up to them. They can leave everything on if they want.”

Then, client comfort and satisfaction goes one step further. “I try to match every client to the right therapist. I tell clients when they come in, if you’re not completely satisfied with one therapist, come back in. Try another therapist. Our goal is to find you one that matches and meets your needs.”

She also insists that clients should always communicate how they’re feeling. “People have to speak up if it’s too much. If they’re in pain, or if they want more pressure, they need to communicate with the therapist. I don’t know if they are afraid of insulting us?”

Again, this is what stands out most about Divine Massage – they are all about their clients’ needs. “I don’t try to push products. A lot of massage places try to push lotions, oils… We’re just about helping the client,” Bolton says.

Divine Massage is also affordable. “I keep my rates very reasonable because I want people to be able to afford to come in here at least once a month. We focus on the clients, their target areas, and whatever is bothering them. We focus on helping them to feel better for the long term. That’s our goal.”

Therapeutic Massages are just $52 and Relaxation Massages are just $47… If you’re a first-timer, take $5 off that price on your first visit! During the holiday season only, a Relaxation Massage is reduced to $39!!!

Getting a massage is not simply a “luxury,” according to Bolton and her staff. It’s something you should give your body regularly, to ease away stress, pain, and tension and restore overall health and well-being.

When you enter any of Divine Massage’s locations, you’ll feel immediately welcomed… and you can’t help but noticed that you are surrounded by the ‘ocean.’ This is Divine Massage’s signature décor. Bolton says it’s all part of giving her business a local flair.

“I’m from East Fairhaven. I love the ocean. It’s always right down the street. Sometimes if there’s a break in between clients, I’ll just go right down to Ned’s point… I love being near the ocean. A lot of massage places all seem to be the same. They have the ‘zen’ vibe. I wanted something a little different. It’s calming and soothing, but a little different, and it fits this area perfectly.”

When asked what her top goals are, and what she wants the legacy of her company to be, Bolton says, “We’re just here to help people feel better.”

Today, a team of 9 licensed professionals at Divine Massage offer comprehensive massage services seven days per week. Therapeutic massages are their most popular service, and they also offer relaxation, deep tissue, and hot stone massage. Practitioners are also certified in prenatal massage and lymphatic drainage. In addition, massages may include moist heat, lavender scented lotion, and even coconut oil for people with very sensitive skin.

You deserve to treat yourself…. Let Divine Massage help you feel better too. Start prioritizing your health with a massage today.


Call Divine Massage at anytime to try one of the following. All new, first-time clients receive $5 off their first visit!

Massage Services Offered at Divine Massage:

  • Relaxation massage
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Prenatal massage
  • Deep tissue
  • Hot stone
  • Couples Massage
  • Deep Heat Therapy

Divine Massage also offers Spiritual Medium Readings on Mondays at their New Bedford office. The cost is $45 for a 30-minute session. The medium, Vanessa, is one of Divine’s massage therapists. Want a truly moving experience? Receive a medium reading during your massage! Please note: In the spirit of the holiday season, Divine Massage will also serve as a “Toys for Tots” drop off location.


Divine Massage

Phone: 508-933- 4935
Email: divinemassage34@yahoo.com
Website: divinemassagema.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Divine-Massage

New Bedford Location: 862 Ashley Blvd, New Bedford, MA 02745
Mattapoisett Location: 34 Barstow St, Mattapoisett, MA 02739

All new clients receive $5 off their first visit!
Both locations are open 7 days per week, by appointment only.

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