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Ashley Bendiksen

Proud Southcoast, seaside native; Advocate for women's empowerment, leadership and success with special interest and expertise in writing, social media, PR, and communications; Lover of books, life, and all things fabulous.

AAM Photography: Rooted in Passion, People, and Community

Photo-capturing has become part of our everyday culture. We capture moments, memories, experiences, food, sights, and trips with family and friends. The advent of smart technology and cameras at our fingertips has allowed us to capture nearly every minute of every day on camera. However before there were phone-cameras, there …

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Newport Folk Festival – another year, another smashing success with world class acts like Norah Jones, Elvis Costello, Violent Femmes, and great local talent

“Raise your arms! Feel your blood pulsing through your hands… This is FREEDOM!!!!” Those were the words of Patti Smith at this year’s Newport Folk Festival, followed by the cheers of fans roaring and shouting, “You’re amazing!,” and “Patti, we love you!!!” It’s no surprise fans were thrilled to see …

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