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YouTube Star Records Man Hanging For Children To Watch

By Tyler Bizarro Famous YouTuber and former Vine star Logan Paul made national headlines recently after posting a video exposing an unknown suicide victim in a Japanese forest. The video has been removed from Paul’s channel, but not before reaching YouTube’s trending page and amassing more then 6 million views. …

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4 Things Pro Sports Should Embrace About Cannabis

Professional sports is undoubtedly a unique line of work. Games we fell in love with as children are making grown men and women millions of dollars annually. Millions of people watch religiously, and wear the colors of their favorite team proudly for the world (and Jets fans) to see every …

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Why I Love New Bedford

Russell is one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve met in my 22 years in New Bedford. He works long, strenuous hours with his hands from Monday through Friday on Martha’s Vineyard. He gets up before the sun rises, and travels home to New Bedford long after dusk …

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OPINION: The Problem With Prostitution

This is not an article bashing prostitutes. This is merely a personal concern I have with the practice of prostitution given my personal experiences living in New Bedford for 22 years. We are all entitled to our own opinions, and I certainly welcome differing points of view. After all, that …

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WeedTube: The Future of Cannabis

WeedTubers from Hawaii, Washington, Canada, California, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts pose together after meeting each other for the first time in Las Vegas for Hempfest 2016. Left to right: Dr. Puff, me, Jesse from Lift Innovations, CC, Josh from StrainCentral, Sasha aka SilencedHippie, and Nessie of Nessie’s Kitchen. We live …

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