Photo by Carlos Pimental Felix

Police give update for Friday’s rollover accident on Fairhaven/New Bedford Bridge


On Friday August 25th there were 2 rollover accidents on the New Bedford/Fairhaven bridge, both incidents separate from each other. Today we received an update on the 2nd accident which occurred around 10:45pm.

“On August 25th, at around 22:45, the accident occurred. The vehicle was traveling west on Rte 6. The operator was attempting to switch lanes when the vehicle spun out of control. The operator and a passenger were both reported to have had minor injuries.”

It was raining on Friday which would make one assume that the weather may have played a role in both accidents. There is a metal segment on the road of the bridge which many believe can turn slippery in rainy conditions. These accidents are a stark reminder to drive slow and controlled when traveling over the bridge, especially in the rain.

Carlos Pimental Felix was live on the scene after both accidents, you can watch below.

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