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Carlos Pimental Felix photo.

Two rollovers on Friday at Fairhaven/New Bedford Bridge in separate incidents


At approximately 7:00pm on Friday New Bedford Police and Fire Departments recieved multiple 911 reports of a serious accident on the New Bedford side of the Fairhaven/New Bedford Bridge.

Upon arrival, first responders discovered three heavily damage vehicles. One vehicle, a small, gray Mazda wagon was in the roadway facing the wrong direction with most damage being to the front of the car with the engine block being exposed. A second vehicle, a white SUV was actually thrown over the concrete barriers and landed in the small pedestrian walkway on its driver’s side.

Bystanders spoke about a baby being involved in one of the vehicles and its status is currently unknown as is the status of any and all other occupants in both vehicles.

“The car facing towards Fairhaven side swiped my SIL then went head on to the driver in the SUV that flipped over.” said Teri Crovello, one of the people involved in the accident. “We were pulling out of Fathoms when it happened. According to someone involved the car driver has a seizure. So very sad for all involved.”

“Positive thoughts for all the injured. In general, if people are driving the speed limit, this would not happen. Slow down, pay attention.”said Lynda Pyne echoing the sentiment of many residents.

Sadly, there were many people not taking the accident too seriously, perhaps seeing this sort of thing often. Many people were recording with their cell phones and can be heard laughing and giggling. New Bedford resident, Diana Foster said “Why must onlookers be ignorant and record?! Could be family members or friends. So disrespectful! People nowadays have no class!!!”

Carlos Pimental Felix photo.

Carlos Pimental Felix photo.


Only 5 hours later New Bedford Police and Fire Departments received multiple 911 calls about another accident on the bridge which was also a rollover.

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