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Tips and hunting regulations for the 2021 Massachusetts spring turkey hunting season as it officially opens


The 2021 Spring Turkey Hunting Season is April 26–May 22. Get ready for the start of the season by purchasing your license and turkey permit then review regulations and hunting tips.

• Hunters are encouraged to buy hunting licenses and permits online: MassWildlife offices are currently closed, but hunters can purchase licenses and permits online through MassFishHunt, or through any open license vendor. Minors under 18 years old can also purchase licenses online, click here for details.

• Report your turkey harvest online: MassWildlife urges all hunters to use MassFishHunt to report harvested birds online. If you need to report your harvest in person, view a map of check stations open this spring.

• Spring turkey hunting tips: Get ready for the season with new turkey tips. Check out the descriptions and videos to learn about pre-season scouting, using decoys, roosting birds, or brush up on your calls.

• Turkey hunting regulations: Review turkey hunting regulations, including hunting hours, bag limits, and allowable hunting implements.

Turkey hunting safety information:

Follow state guidance related to COVID-19, social distancing, and travel.
• Always follow the 10 basic rules of firearm safety.
• Be completely sure of your target and what is beyond it before you shoot. Always practice firearm safety.
• Don’t stalk turkey sounds; it could be another hunter. Sit or stand and call the birds to you.
• Do not wear red, white, blue, or black; these colors are associated with male turkeys.
• Protect your back. Set up against a large tree or rock and make sure your view isn’t obstructed. Don’t hide in a place with an obstructed view.
• Do not place decoys too close to where you set up. Never carry an exposed decoy or tail fan while hunting; put them in a bag when carrying them in or out of hunting locations.
• Consider wearing hunter orange when entering or leaving your hunting area.
• Regulation requires that all hunters place an official green safety sticker on their firearm positioned so it’s visible when sighting down the barrel. If you need a new or replacement sticker for your firearm, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: MassWildlife, Attn: Turkey Safety Sticker, 1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA 01581. In order to ensure enough time to process and return mail safety stickers prior to opening day, please submit requests by April 16. Requests received after April 16 may not be fulfilled before opening day.

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