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OPINION: “Trump is churning up his MAGA militias for bloody rebellion or a civil war!”


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“As Trump’s cases have multiplied, the motions to dismiss are denied and civil judgments are in the millions, Trump is churning up his MAGA militias for a reprisal of the Capitol insurrection that could put this country on a trajectory for a bloody rebellion or a civil war.

As each criminal case is delayed with an uncertain outcome that keeps Trump’s name in every news cycle it affords him the opportunity to whine and threaten his opponents and flagrantly disrespect the judicial system.

Shooting a person on Fifth Avenue pales in comparison to the criminal indictments awaiting trial in state and federal courts. Standing before hundreds of thousands of charged up supporters and dog whistling a call to arms with bloody results is so potentially dangerous to this country. And suffering no consequences for his diatribes further enables and energizes Trump.

Proclaiming that he is being treated like any other criminal or civil defendant is inaccurate as most people charged with crimes and torts lack the funds to pursue every conceivable motion, or appeal, in order to delay their cases indefinitely.

Manipulating the system and avoiding conviction has inured to Trump’s benefit by providing fuel for his rants, confirms his supporters’ faith in his innocence and power, and has contributed to the emasculation of the Republican Party structure by his seizing control and funneling donations for his defense.

Trump will become the victor by winning or losing the election as he has enabled the worst inclinations of millions of Americans who are willing to forfeit their rights and best interests to elevate their beloved leader.”-Betty Ussach, Dartmouth.

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  1. Mr Silve stop with the fear tactics your a very sick man just like the rest of your party.

    • Learn to read. Mike and Betty are two different people and Mike’s last name isn’t “Silve,” it’s Silva.

      Did you graduate? If not, you may really want to get your G.E.D.

  2. Betty, you are definitely on the right track. Mike thanks for reporting “real news”.

  3. Dear sir, the article was by Betty, not Mike. That shows that you didn’t fully read the article. Betty hit the nail on the head and Mike did his job, by reporting real news.
    Then again if you still support t you live your life not gathering all the information. You pick and choose what you want. Facts are facts.

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