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New Bedford single mother seeks public help for alleged car accident scam


“I am looking for public help. On July 1, 2022, between Rockdale Ave and Bolton St. at 2:56 pm, I was driving with my son to get some karate shoes for him. He has an atypical syndrome that produces several symptoms including autism, OCD, a very low immune system (for which he had a fever that week), anxiety, among others.

A man who was driving a black Honda in front of me stepped on the brakes and this caused me to brake very close to his car, but there was no car-to-car contact. The passenger, a pregnant woman, got out of the car screaming and took a picture of my license plate.

From inside my car I told her that I had not touched her car. I did not get out of my car at any moment because I will never leave my son alone in the car and her car did not have any marks on it. A few days later I receive a citation letter from the court. I have never had a case in my life, nor a ticket

This girl’s report said that I left the scene knowing there was an accident. It says that she was driving the vehicle and her husband was a passenger which wasn’t true. The report also states that I got out of my vehicle and talked to them and that I knew that their car had marks.

Yesterday, I went to court to explain the situation without lawyers because I don’t have anything to hide. The prosecutor decides that he should file charges against me because I did not call 911 to report that a crash happened. The man was driving before the incident and changed places with his female passenger. They calculated everything they were going to say and then called and lied to the police.

I am asking for help! If there is any witness, cameras in the area, or someone who has recorded the incident, please help me!

I am a low-income, responsible, single mother of a special needs child. I do not drink, I do not smoke, I have never had a ticket on my record, and I have never harmed anyone.

Please, if anyone has any information or cameras installed in this area that can support what I say, it would help me a lot.

The police say that there are no cameras in this area. This situation it’s killing me psychologically. If you have any information please email hercubsil@gmail.com.”

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  1. While you should have reported this obvious scam, you are not guilty of anything. Call your insurance company and let them know what happened. The fill an accident report describing the situation, and include some evidence like there was no damage to your car, etc.

    Your insurance company will defend you against any civil suits – the scam is to get a check from your insurance.
    The prosecutor will not prosecute the case – there is no evidence of any accident, you can can’t leave the scene of a non-accident. You need to go to court with an attorney – call around an ask a local attorney if the will defend you for free, or call New Bedford legal aid.

    This isn’t a big deal – no one is going to convict you of anything, so don’t worry about that.

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