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OPINION: “Massachusetts Gov. Healey’s marijuana pardons a win for businesses in need of employees”


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“Governor Healey’s proposed executive pardon of incarcerated people and those previously convicted of simple marijuana possession is fair, humane and definitely will save significant taxpayer funds.

From all perspectives this is a commendable executive action.

It will save taxpayers money that is being expended to incarcerate people who are serving time solely for simple possession. Those previously convicted of possession who have been denied employment, housing, child custody or unsupervised visitation, and other benefits available to the general public, will be returned to a non-criminal status and the onus of conviction will be lifted.

With rampant unemployment in certain business sectors, with hiring signs everywhere, jobs will finally be filled. This will be a win for businesses in desperate need of employees and the taxes paid by those hired will inure to all residents of Massachusetts.

And from a purely humanitarian perspective this is the right thing to do, especially in view of the many states that have de-criminalized simple possession. And once again Massachusetts will lead in removing an unnecessary and unfair impediment that has been shown to disproportionately penalize certain less fortunate members of society.”-Betty Ussach, Dartmouth.

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