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Opinion: Bristol County Sheriff Hodgson statement on Biden ICE Nominee that would abolish ICE


“Sheriff Ed Gonzalez has a proven record of opposing immigration enforcement and is the last person who should be confirmed to lead ICE — the agency charged with keeping our nation safe from criminal illegal aliens, drug cartels, and terrorists from around the globe.

As Sheriff of Harris County, Texas, Ed Gonzalez has served with a legacy that demonstrates very clearly his opposition to enforcing our nation’s immigration laws as currently written.

• Just one month into office, Gonzalez ended his office’s ICE partnership under 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act which the county had participated in since 2008.
• Gonzalez was a fierce opponent of SB4 which banned sanctuary cities in Texas and required local officials to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.
• In 2019 Gonzalez barred his deputies from assisting in immigration raids in Houston.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement’s agents deserve a leader who believes in the mission, not a fierce opponent of immigration enforcement. Without enforcing the rule of law, criminal illegal aliens are undeterred to enter the interior. Sadly, this results in continued human trafficking operations and drug smuggling, enriching transnational drug cartels at the expense of our communities and taxpayers.

Ending critical partnerships like 287(g) that some 200 state and local governments rely upon to enforce the rule of law are essential to keep communities safe. Federal, state, and local law enforcement coordination was one of the most important lessons of the 9/11 Commission and it is clear that Ed Gonzalez does not believe in coordination of immigration enforcement to protect our nation from terrorists and drug smugglers.

We appreciate and commend President Biden’s selection of an independently elected county Sheriff to serve as ICE Director. America’s Sheriffs are working hard on the front lines to protect their neighbors and communities. Protect America Now believes that the best days of America are still ahead but there are many threats and attempts to make America less safe, less secure, and ultimately less free.

Whether the issue is an attempt to trample on our Constitution and reject law and order, infringe on our second amendment rights, tolerate rampant illegal immigration or increasing taxes on working families, all of these issues are attempts to attack our freedoms. You can learn more about our more than 70 member Sheriffs from coast to coast in 31 states who support the constitution and the rule of law at ProtectAmericaNow.com.

No one who has a clear record of refusing to uphold the rule of law and support programs like Sanctuary Cities designed to make it more difficult to identify law breakers, should be appointed as Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


The Advisory Committee Sheriffs of Protect America Now
Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, AZ
Sheriff Wayne Ivey of Brevard County, FL
Sheriff Tony Childress of Livingston County, IL
Sheriff Mike Lewis of Wicomico County, MD
Sheriff Tom Hodgson of Bristol County, MA
Sheriff Jim Arnott of Greene County, MO
Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpeper County, VA”

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  1. Hodgson is a bigot and a criminal. He, and others like him, are the real problem in our country. They’re trying to do anything they can to ensure the systemic racism in our country stays in place. Screw these facist bigots.

  2. ICE is a racist and terrorist organization that should abolished. Our country got along fine without it pre-9/11 and we would be better off without it now.

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