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“Boston man is profiting off New Bedford residents with exorbitant parking fees!”


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“A guy from Boston bought the empty lot on Rodney French at the bottom of George St. and he’s charging $70 for us to park there for 1 month which is crazy for the south end never mind #NewBedford.

I wanna know what the community thinks about people from #Boston trying to profit off of us especially residents who live in a not-rich neighborhood.

Maybe get the community to text this guy and let him know $70 a month to park in the south end is way too much? I could understand $20-30 but $70 is way too much that’s $840 a year to park!”

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  1. Were you and your neighbors already parking in the lot there before he bought it? I guess if nobody parks there anymore, he won’t be making any money. I don’t know the parking situation in that area, but I would suggest everybody park somewhere else from now on. Unfortunately, this man saw an opportunity to make easy money at your expense.

  2. Waaaaaah! Welcome to the world where things actually cost money…. Don’t like it? Buy your own lot and let everyone park there for free because you’re oh so charitable.

    Hell… I get $250 per 2-car driveway per month at my buildings…. The $70 per month they are charging is a bargain!

  3. Park on the street if you don’t want to pay. I really don’t think $2.30 a day to park your car is that much. You probably spend more than that on your Dunkin coffee everyday.

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