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Opinion: Only we can change New Bedford


For a city so full of pride for their culture and heritage, why can’t you see that this city is amazing? (Beth J. Cormier)

by Jordan Anne

Dear New Bedford residents,

I know most of you think New Bedford sucks. Do something to change it by voting today, instead of flooding every news article or post on The Standard Times, The New Bedford Guide, and #peopleofnewbedford with negative comments about how terrible New Bedford is.

I have lived in this city for less than 3 years, and I am often surprised that you can’t find the beauty in this city. Have you seen kids play at Brooklawn Park? Have you been to the zoo, or driven by buttonwood to see people of all walks of life walking their dog, running, biking? Have you been to East Beach? Watched the sunset from Fort Tabor or West Beach? Gone downtown for AHA! Night? The feast? Have you supported any local downtown businesses that are thriving? You complain this town sucks, but you can’t get out one day a year and vote? I understand this city has flaws, as do each and every single one of us. But banded together, the people in this city can truly make a difference.

First, we really need to look around and realize what we have. For a city so full of pride for their culture and heritage, why can’t you see that this city is amazing? If you change your attitude about how this city looks, you’d be surprised at what you see.

Second, if you want things to change, be the change you want to see. Think people are rude? Be nice. It’s contagious. Think that it’s dirty? Clean it. We each can’t change it all, but if everyone did one thing, you’d see a difference. Put money into this city. Buy dinner downtown once a month, try a new restaurant. Yeah, it may be pricier than the mall, but if everyone shopped downtown they wouldn’t have to charge so much.

Finally, I want to say that I love this city, and although I am very disheartened that so few people voting, I am very proud to live and work in this city. I will continue to support some of my favorite local businesses and I will continue looking for new places to love. Because even though I’m only one person, I’m one person doing what I can to make a difference.

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  1. Saw your posting in FB and thought it was great. I love New Bedford. It has come a long way and keeps improving. I agree that if it “sucks” doing something about that is up to us. But it mentions a vote today. I cannot find anything about a vote today, June 21 2016. Is that an old article being recirculated? There is no date on it.

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