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Ma's Donut's Facebook photo.

New Bedford’s Ma’s Donuts to open soon!


There are few businesses in New Bedford’s history that have culled the favor of everyone. The popularity of Ma’s Donuts is almost unparalleled and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say fans of the doughnut shop can be fanatical about these heavenly creations they’ve been churning out since 1984.

So, in 2016 when news that owners Ed and Sheila Lemieux were closing their doors and retiring there were a lot of disappointed souls. New Bedford foodies spiraled downward into a deep depression but held out hopes that someone would buy the shop and carry on the tradition since owners were also offering the recipe to potential buyers.

Ma’s Donut’s Facebook photo.

When those hopes were dashed and no one decided to pick up the baton they plummeted even deeper into their foodie gloom and doom.

Well, those people were positively thrilled when Eddie and Sheila Lemieux’s son Scott and daughter-in-law, Lauren announced they would reopen the business!

On Monday, a post made on the Ma’s Donuts Facebook Page said “Who’s ready for the doors to open?!! Hopefully it will be very soon we can’t wait!” accompanied with what appears to be freshly baked doughnuts.

Ma’s Donut’s Facebook photo.

The bad news? Can you imagine the clamor to get our grubby hands on the donuts? The long queues? We all know it will be worth it.

Ma’s Donut’s will also come with a first: it is the only one of our “Who Remember’s…?” article that we can “unretire.” Gladly so! You can read that article and take a trip down memory lane with some mouth-watering photos here.

Ma’s Donut’s Facebook photo.

Ma’s Donut’s Facebook photo.

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