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Photo by Angelie Johan.

5-year old New Bedford boy Jeremiah needs a heart transplant


“This is my son Jeremiah Montalban. He is 5-years old and unfortunately, he was born with congenital heart disease, dentro cardiac, single ventricle, Heterotaxy, and a lot more.

Jeremiah is waiting for a heart transplant. He has already been operated on 6 times and surgically doctors say that there are no other operations they can do for him except a heart transplant. We will be selling these shirts for $10.

He is full of life and his dream is to become a police officer! ♥️!

Visit Jeremiah’s page here. Please like it and pray for us! Thank you!”-Angelie Johan.

You can see more photos of Jeremiah here.

Photo by Angelie Johan.

Photo by Angelie Johan.

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