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New Bedford woman warns residents about incidents with black painting van


“This is a long shot but here goes: I am a waitress so I usually don’t get home till between 8-11:30pm at night but I always walk my dog when I get home.

My boyfriend usually comes with me as he doesn’t like me out at night walking around by myself. This past week he has been tired so I’ve told him he hasn’t had to come with me. I live on Ashley Street.

4 nights ago I go out and while walking this all-black van – looks like a paint company van – stop and asks me to come over to the passenger side and give him directions. I proceeded to start to tell him that I don’t know the area as I just moved here, but before I could even get that out a police cruiser turned down the road and the black van sped off. I found it odd.

Last night my boyfriend came on my walk with me and I saw the black van again going very slow up and down our road and the surrounding roads. I pointed to the all-black van, even the windows are tinted so you can’t see inside.

Well, tonight while I am waiting for my boyfriend I bring the trash out of the front door and start to walk to the backyard and there is a car coming up the road – well it’s not just a car it’s the black van again. The van proceeds to see me and comes to a screeching stop as soon as it sees me and just sits there.

I get so nervous that I run to my front door, and I’m shaking trying to get my keys out and I hear a car door open. I get into my house and into my apartment to tell my boyfriend to hurry and go see who is in this van. As my boyfriend walks out the front door the van slams on the gas and flys away.

Has anyone seen this strange black van? If so please stay away! It’s super creepy and scared the shit outta me. If anyone see it or can get the license plate number please contact the police.

Again, this is around Ashley Street by the police and fire station.” -Leah Barnicoat.

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