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New Bedford resident disgusted as people film instead of helping trapped women screaming for help


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Unfortunately, this is the day and age we live in. People would prefer to pull out their cell phones and record so they can get social media cred.


“These poor girls were yelling for their lives to try to get out of the car while it was smoking and no one did anything. My sons helped pull out the two women in this rollover while bystanders watched with their phones instead of doing something.

My son is 21 years old and his brothers are 18 and 16. Two of them had to be brought to the hospital because of lacerations due to the broken glass. This is highly disgusting and the community should be disgusted as well. These girls were in need of help and people just watched with their phones!

What if this was your loved one or someone you cared about? If this was someone who was about to be burned by flames would you not care? Or would your phone be too important to you?

You had to watch you had to get it on record. We need to end this. We need more heroes like my 21-year-old son and his brothers who ended up in the hospital from cuts where they were bleeding and we couldn’t get it to stop. They were brought by ambulance to the hospital.” -Danielle Tremblay.

You can read about the details of the accident, read the discussion and, see photos here.

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