New Bedford Salchicharia; Portuguese delicacies to make you happy!


You want this in your life. Trust me.

New Bedford Salchicharia is a city icon. An institution. Like Giammalvo’s, Lydia’s, or Antonio’s. Synonymous with Linguica, cacoila and “Epa!”

Over three decades – at two great locations – of the finest quality ingredients and service have cemented them as the upper crust. Cream of the crop. So it’s a given that we have to share the Umbelina and Brazida families’ businesses with those who haven’t heard of, or been to one of the city’s finest – if not the finest – Salchicharia in the south coast.

How can that be you say? You’ve never heard of it? And what the heck is a Salchicharia anyway? While it’s hard to imagine someone who lives in New Bedford who isn’t of Portuguese descent, they DO exist. So there’s no fault there. There are even some of Portuguese descent a generation or two deep who have lost touch. No fault there either.

Shrimp Mozambique: one of many “Hot” dishes!

If you are of Portuguese descent, you know about the Umbelina ad Brazida family’s business. If you aren’t of Portuguese descent, you should know about the Umbelina and Brazida family’s business! With that in mind, I sat down for a few hours with the owners and we discussed the two businesses.

Don’t be intimidated by the hard to pronounce word. Think deli, market, or grocery store…but Portuguese style. Have you ever wanted to enjoy some of the dishes and delicacies that you find at the many area’s fine Portuguese restaurants? Perhaps, give your favorite dish a go? Not only will you find many of those ingredients available at New Bedford Salchicharia, but they will even do most of the work for you by preparing custom made platters to save you time for that birthday, anniversary, cookout or special occasion. They will marinate, dress, or butcher fresh meat – which is sourced locally. Pick it up, throw it on the grill and devour.

New Bedford Salchicharia also carries all the things you would get at a local chain convenience store – but cheaper. Canned goods, soft drinks, pastas, olive oil, local harvested vegetables, cookies, and more. If you could imagine a smaller Portuguese version of Shaw’s, you’ll get it.

New Bedford Salchicharia has been supplying New Bedford and beyond with staples like favas, homemade chourico, roasted potatoes & chicken, shrimp Mozambique, and shredded cacoila made daily. They also have non-Portuguese, American favorites like chicken wings, baked beans, roast beef, BBQ ribs, and Fish & Chips. For those of you with a deep memory of local history, you may recall that some 35 years ago they opened the first New Bedford Salchicharia on Cove Road. It was “connected” to the Pilot House and CJ’s Galley.

It’s difficult to get a business off the ground, let alone survive for 5 years or more. Novelty or fad can buy a business a few years.

One of two locations: N.B. Salchicharia is right off the “Ave” at 53 Belleville Road.

However, 10 years means you are doing something right and have developed a loyal customer base through hard work. Almost 4 decades? That’s something special.

What is that something special? The freshest, locally sourced produce and meats. That supports and bolsters the local economy. They are a family business handed from father to son that treats customers like family. You don’t take a number…you have a name. They “…appreciate every customer that walks through the door and respects every dollar that they spend.” You’ll never hear that from a chain!

They are genuinely grateful to be part of the community, not only through the service that they provide, but each year they join many local businesses in fundraising events to benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

In previous articles, you may recall that I mention that I am a huge fan of old world traditions and customs, like the hand-shake, bonded word, and building a relationship, not “getting more customers.” Honest work for an honest buck. New Bedford Salchicharia can hold their head high with pride as a solid member in good standing within this small group.

So when you have a special occasion, game day is approaching, or you just want to relax and not have to prepare a huge meal – take a load off and consider heading to New Bedford Salchicharia. A true gem and one of my favorite spots to frequent. Perhaps we’ll bump into each other!

New Bedford Salchicharia

53 Belleville Road
New Bedford MA, 02745

6 Rockdale Avenue
New Bedford, MA 02744
Phone: (508) 997-0538

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 7:00 am-6:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am-5:00 pm
Sunday: 7:00 am-12:00 noon


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  1. Can wait to come there want so sausages

  2. Will you guys ship to Florida?

  3. Congratulations!!!! I wish I lived closer. Here in the Mid West, I do not have any opportunities to shop at a Portuguese Market because there aren’t any around. I so miss the Portuguese Community. There i no lace like home. Best wishes to the New Bedford Salchicharia.

  4. They have best cacoila and the roasted potatoes are delish……Linguica and chirico yummy…

  5. Best food on the east coast…could not get any better than this place!

  6. yummy food 🙂 I LOVE their cacoila

  7. I need a recepie for those very delicious potatoes. We miss them so.

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